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Putting Together Tables with Hairpin Legs

We’ve been rapidly unpacking boxes as stock come in, and putting the retail portion together. It’s been really fun, but really tiring. I’ve never loaded and lifted so many large piece for furniture in my life.  We  have pretty much moved an entire house in the last few weeks. I have to tell you, as women, I am impressed with ourselves. We are pretty mighty. Not only is it amazing what two small women can lift, but there’s certain amount of wonder with how much crap my mini-van can hold. We are using vintage furniture for display, and we’ve had entire dining sets in there. It’s like the Tardis (Any Dr. Who fans out there?), or  a clown car. Some days, we load it up, and when we take stuff out, it just keeps coming! Yesterday, we put together the Makery tables. We wanted something fairly simple, with plain tops.We also wanted something that has lots of room to do projects on for all of our classes! Large hairpin leg tables seemed to be the way to go, and they were super affordable too.

I used hairpin legs in this coffee table project, and loved how easy they were to put together, and how they look too. They have such a classic style.

Putting a hair pin dining table together

I bought a pre-made table top, so it was just a matter of putting the legs on.

Attaching hair pin legs to a table top

The legs came with the screws, so that was even better. It took about 20 minutes to assemble the large hairpin leg tables.

Assembling large hairpin leg tables

It was also  matter of spacing. I needed to make sure that weight was going to be supported in the center, even though these were good size table tops.

DIY hairpin leg tables

I managed to get three put together for the Makery. It’s really coming along now that we have the cabinets in place. It’s funny how one day it is complete chaos, and the next it seems like it’s actually coming together! I can’t wait to show you what it look like!




  1. Love these tables where did you buy them and are they like a coffee size or craft table? Will you finish them paint or stain or use as is!

  2. Your table looks really modern and stylish, Jen! Great for your new shop! Hairpin legs seem to be very trendy and really perfect for making lovely design statements. I saw several different lengths available at Hobby Lobby the other day and tried to think of ways to use them. They would be perfect for lots of different types of table or desk projects!

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