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The colors of Fall

Normally by now, we are seeing some beautiful fall colors. I have to admit, even though they are predicting an almost 70 degree day for Halloween, a small part of me is completely disappointed that we don’t have the amazing colors of fall we normally have by now. I am noticing the Maple trees are just starting to turn, but everything else is hanging on to that last bit of green  by the skin of it’s teeth, with only a few, small traces of  change.

Front walk with round, beautiful mums. How to grow bug Chrysanthemums

Two years ago our ash tree had turned a beautiful shade of orange before it them promptly dropped all of it’s leaves.

I know I’ve mentioned many times, my dream home isn’t huge, but it is on a wooded lot with a bit of land. Someday I hope I can wake up to that every day. And,selfishly, I hope that someday comes before I have to navigate a walker over fallen tree branches.

ASh tree in Fall

Colors of fall the changing leaves in Illinois in fall-Galena IL

Last year, we were in Galena for the colors of fall and they were amazing.

I can’t even make any fun leaf crafts yet, like this wreath

How to make a custom fall wreath

Or this super cute gold pray painted one, from oak leaves.

Make an autumn gold wreath

These fun place cards are easy.

Gather place cards

Though, I can always add  a printable to bring some fall in for Thanksgiving, with Thanksgiving place cards.

Thanksgiving printable

There is something for me about going for a walk, and gathering pine cones, acorns, and pretty colored leaves.

a pressed leaf craft in a glass and brass frame

I am always picking up pretty leaves.

I don’t know what I will do with them every time, sometimes I even forget about them and then throw them out, but there is just something about the act of finding them. It’s like discovering a treasure.

The colors of autumn on a Fall drive

I am trying to patiently wait to walk through our local arboretum. I will take a ton of pictures to share with you once they do. It’s amazing . I know I can walk through it at anytime, but there is something about doing it among the magic of all of the colors.

Fall leaves and the amazing scent of fall at home

I really want to put my fall boot on and tall socks with tights and enjoy the leaves crunching. I have a feeling this year it is going to be accompanied by some bitter cold which ruins it a bit.

Has fall come to you yet? Are your leaves changing ? I feel like we are the last lone hold out and it’s making me a little crazy. We haven’t even had the smell of burning leaves in the air on the weekends yet, which to me is pure joy.

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  1. We moved to Florida in 2014, and I think our fall comes in late November or December, lol. I still have a huge fern on the porch, a sprawling green lawn, and large flowering hibiscus plants in the ground..which really all looks odd with my pumpkins and fall pillows on the porch! Fall is my most favorite time, there is just something about the light that I love. But at least the air has become drier, & the skies without clouds or rain, so I do love the weather!

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