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Fun DIY dollhouse miniature rings

How about a little dollhouse fun for the kids inside of us today? I have some fun DIY dollhouse miniature rings to show you!

DIY dollhouse miniature rings

When I was around 10, my dad hand-built a dollhouse for me. I played in it for hours. I think that is where my love of home decorating started. There really wasn’t much choice of what you could buy with furniture and accessories, and back then it was pretty pricey. I learned early on how to improvise and be creative make a lot of the accessories and art to decorate my little abode with. I would spend hours figuring out how to make things out of cardboard and remnant fabric. I always loved visiting the Field Museum in Chicago because there was a huge fairy castle dollhouse in the basement and it was amazing intricate with the most amazing details.  I could look at it for hours.

While shopping at the craft store the other day, I came across the cutest miniatures (I never had!) and I wondered how I could enjoy them as a grown up. With a quick trip a few aisles over to the jewelry section, I picked up some blank ring bases, and DIY dollhouse miniature rings were born! These have small parts so I wouldn’t recommend them for kids, but for the rest of us, it’s perfect!

Use dollhouse furniture to make fun jewelry

I fell in love with the mini coffee cup and spoon, and I thought how fun would it be to give a mini knitting set ring to a crafter-friend. I also found pizza’s, fruit bowls and other really fun stuff!

Glue to make dollhouse jewelry miniature rings

I bought a non-toxic glue meant for jewelry. Even though the cure time was a little bit longer,since it was going to be on fingers I thought it was a better idea than some of the other nastier,stuff out there.

Make DIY dollhouse miniature rings

The easiest way to glue it was to flip the miniature upside down , apply a glue blob, wipe off the excess with a cotton swab and let it sit and dry for the full 24 hours. I used  a little painters tape on the ones with an uneven base. If you are worried about the fit or want it a little smoother on the inside you can cut and glue in a piece of felt.

Make these fun dollhouse miniature rings

After they are dry and the glue is cured they are ready to wear!

If you find they detach easily from the base, you might need a heftier glue for the dollhouse miniature rings, you don’t want them falling off.

Grown up doll house miniature rings

I thought the phone was adorable!

Doll house miniature rings DIY

And how about this ring for your favorite fiber artist/crocheter/knitter?

Dollhouse minature fun for grownups! DIY rings

The coffee mug is still my favorite.It’s just so cute!

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