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Painting DIY Bohemian Jewelry Storage Trays with Upcycled Thrift Store Finds

Creating your own chic jewelry storage can be easy by upcycling some inexpensive thrift store finds. This is Alice W. from Thoughts from Alice, and I have a fun tutorial for you today for painting DIY bohemian jewelry storage trays with upcycled thrift store finds! You can also see how to use a vintage wood bowl and paint pouring to create a DIY boho paint poured bowl.
Boho-Chic-Jewelry Trays from Thrift Store Finds

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Have you ever run across these wooden leaves and bowls at garage sales or thrift shops? If not, you can find similar supplies here to create this project with!

Wood thrift store trays before upcycling

I have several times and usually pass right by them. Not my style really. Until an idea struck: give them a paint makeover! I began by lightly sanding them and then coating them with white spray paint.

Painted thrift store trays

After they were completely dry, I taped off certain sections at an angle. I painted three different color blocks on three of the trays.

Tape off your tray before painting

I painted each one with gold and then once that was dry, taped off another section and painted the last colors. For these I chose Valspar Satin Koi Pond, Rust-Oleum Flat Gray and made my own coral pink with acrylics.

Paint tray and let dry before paintng new color

When I peeled the tape back, I had to do some touch ups here and there, which was a bit of pain. Since the spray paint goes all over, I had to re-tape them gently. If I tried this method again, I would allow each coat to dry for a longer period of time (probably a good 12-24 hours) in between coats.

Colorful boho trays from the thrift store

Once they were dry,  on two of them I decided to paint feather designs with acrylics which add a nice touch when Painting DIY Bohemian Jewelry Storage Trays .

Handpainted wood leaf trays from the thrift store

I left the other two as is and then sprayed them all with a coat of clear satin sealant to protect them from scratches.

Handpainted upcycled leaf shape trays from the thrift store

They are perfect for holding jewelry that you want easy access to and look super cute displaying them.

Upcycled leaf shape trays

Handpainted wood trays to boho trays
Upcycled jewlery trays
Painted boho trays upcycled from the thrift store
Handpainted boho upcycled trays
DIY boho tray painted from the thrift store
DIY boho chic trays from thrift store bowls

I hope you enjoyed this post and these DIY painted bohemian jewelry trays, and will pop over to visit me at my blog Thoughts from Alice!

Do you want to learn how to make your own custom Modern Bohemian Jewelry? You can learn how with this online workshop.

And, you can also see how to paint a faux bone inlay jewelry box here.

Till next time…
~Alice W.
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  1. These jewelry trays are beautiful. They look like they are made out of ceramic or porcelain. I was so surprised when I scrolled down thru the post and discovered they were wood. What a fantastic transformation!

  2. That is such a cute idea! I’m currently looking for some great tips to help me decorate my room in my new apartment! Do you know where i can find these wooden leaves in stores?

    1. Hi Christine! Thanks so much. I have found all of them at thrift stores and yard sales for very cheap. I would try there first – places like the Salvation Army and Goodwill might have similar ones. Hope that helps! ~Alice

  3. what a great idea, you have done beautiful work on those old wood trays
    Yes I see them at garage sales and in the tone finds when thrift shops ,but always overlooked them,.
    Now I might go especially looking for them.
    Thanks for a great idea.
    Keep up your beautiful work, surprising what one finds when surfing around.

  4. What a wonderful idea! I love the colors you picked for the jewelry trays. So pretty!

    I work at a thrift store and we get a ton of these wooden trays donated to us. Since they are outdated-looking, no one ever buys them and they start to pile up on the sales floor.

    I would love to try this tutorial and show the other employees and customers how they can work these wooden trays into their home decor. Thanks for the idea! : )

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