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Oh deer DIY jewelry organizer

I tend to have all of my necklaces and earrings in a jumble on my dresser, because there is nothing like getting dressed up and then having to try to untangle a spaghetti of  chains and beads about 10 minutes before you have to leave. I had some of those plastic toy deer laying around and I thought it would be fun to purpose them into a DIY jewelry organizer.

Fun Oh deer DIY jewelry organizer

I used an old cabinet door as the back piece. I just attached a hanger on the back right away so I didn’t have to try to do that later.

After figuring out the arrangement that I thought would work best for hanging necklaces, I attached the deer.

Arrange your deer on a cabiet door

You can either pre-drill holes and attach them through the back of the cabinet door, or use  heavy duty glue like a construction glue. I used the glue, hopefully it will hold up! I also patched the places on the door where there were screw holes for hinges and door pulls.

Paint white for a DIY jewelry organizer

It’s too cold to spray paint now so I painted it inside with regular old white wall paint. I would recommend spray painting it if you can. To do it with a brush by hand took me forever and numerous coats of paint.

Paint fun designs on the deer

After the white paint dried, the fun part started! I decided I was going to dress up the deer in all kinds of patterns and colors to make them pop.

Painted patterns on deer for a fun look

I loved being able to stretch my creativity and had fun trying to do each one just a bit differently.

Paint paint dots on a plastic deer

After the deer dried, it was ready to go! You can seal it if you like with a clear sealer if you are worried about it holding up.

Fun diy jewelry holder with plastic deer

I even added a little bit of art to the back cabinet panel.

A fun way to hang your earrings and necklaces on a DIY jewelry organizer

I hung my earrings to some of the antlers and my longer necklaces towards the top.

Oh deer, make a fun DIY jewelry organizer

Hopefully this DIY jewelry organizer will make for a neater dresser too!

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  1. Nice! Its a great idea, and beautiful decoration.
    I share your concern for the glue issue. I’d drill tiny holes to tie the deer to the board with clear heavy duty fishing line, and camouflage the line with paint.

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