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Upcycled VIntage Suitcase Jewelry Display

I made this Upcycled VIntage Suitcase Jewelry Display to take to boutiques as  a part of my display. It got so much attention, I wanted to share it with you here. And you can still sign up for the Santos Doll e-course!
Turn a vintage suitcase into a jewelry holder

This fun upcycled suitcase display came out of the fact that I needed something to be able to move the necklaces around with out having to untangle a massive mess of chain every time I got somewhere when I was selling and making wholesale deliveries. Sometimes I’ll bring 30 necklaces at a time and don’t have the time to untangle all of the chains.
Upcycled VIntage Suitcase Jewelry Display
 I ended up taking a vintage suitcase, turning it on it’s side and adding knobs at what would be the top part.
Vintage suitcase used as jewelry display
 They are actually screwed into a vintage belt so you don’t see any screws from the back.
A vintage suitcase is a cute way to hang necklaces with this Upcycled Vintage Suitcase Jewelry Display
 It makes it nice to hang long chains. Then the vintage belt is attached to the suitcase.
Vintage belt and knobs used a jewelry display
 The back was a bit damaged so I covered it in scrapbook paper. I love the mixing and matching of  the different knobs to make the Upcycled VIntage Suitcase Jewelry Display.
Knobs in a suitcase for diplay
 And the little paper pocket holds my business cards.
Vintage suitcase upcycle and hanging necklaces
 It makes it nice for display and practical use! This would also be really practical at home. You could keep your jewelry in there and then stack the suitcases.
How much fun is it to hang earrings from antlers?
Oh deer! Make a fun DIY jewelry organizer
I also love these boho chic trays for catching little bits and pieces. They are so cute and perfect and pretty too!
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  1. Can’t believe I haven’t done this already. All of my necklaces are long so this will come in really handy. I’m beginning to tackle doing some shows and am in the planning stages for my “booth.” This is a must! Love how you used the belt. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Great idea! I have my jewelry in an old wall ironing board insert like the houses in the early days had. I love it.

  3. I love this! I have used a smaller old suitcase for some of my jewelry but I’ve had it open the normal way & used a small tension rod across the upper part to hang jewelry. I love the belt idea though, my display might change before my first ever bazaar next month.

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