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Girl in the Garage Amazing Furniture Makeovers Book

You guys. I am so excited! My blog friend, Jen Crider, from the blog Girl in the Garage is  doing a book signing of her new Amazing Furniture Makeovers book!

Jen Crider Girl in the Garage

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Jen has sent me a few pictures from her book to share with you, so I thought I would give you a peek!

Amazing Furniture Makeovers book by Jen Crider

Isn’t this piece amazing???? It’s so gorgeous! Her entire book about furniture transformations is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. Furniture painting was  how my business got started! Back when I started blogging,  I was painting murals, and furniture, and selling out of booths and at markets. Even though I don’t get to paint furniture as often as I used to, I still love a good, painted dresser.

Suitcase dresser by Jen Crider the book Amazing Furniture Makeovers

Painting furniture is such a great way to inexpensively transform them, and make them new with a custom look.

I love how she painted this dresser to look like stacked suitcases! She is so talented, and it’s such a fun piece!

Painted dresser by Girl in the Garage Amazing Furniture Makeovers book

I love this coral shade of paint. In fact, I had a dresser like this. I kind of wish I had painted it this color!

Amazing furniture makeovers by Jen Crider bicycle painted dresser

Amazing Furniture Makeovers by Jen Crider

I love her new book, Amazing Furniture Makeovers from  Jen from Girl in the Garage,






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