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Vintage Woven Rug in the Kitchen

We always keep a rug under our sink area in the kitchen. I started doing it when I noticed that wet dishes often drip and spill when going into the dishwasher. Placing an inexpensive rug there seemed to help with the problem, especially now that my kids load and unload. They make all kinds of crazy mess, and at least the rug takes the beating instead of my wood floor. Lately, I’ve been on the hunt for a new rug. I had bought one at Ikea last year, and while it held up pretty well, it had a weird habit of scrunching up under our cabinets, even with no slip rug grip under it, which made us crazy. I also wanted to give our kitchen a mini-makeover with some color,and I really wanted a vintage woven rug.

Vintage woven rug with coral and navy

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After lots of looking, I finally found one on Facebook Marketplace that was in my budget. It caught my eye, because it wasn’t a normal carpet runner. It was actually a full-size vintage woven rug that someone had cut in half and had finished the edge. I thought the whole idea was actually kind of cool, and I loved the colors. Since it was also only $45, so that was right up my alley!

I love vintage woven rugs. They are a great accent in any room!

Vintage woven rug cut in half to make a carpet runner

I am super in love with the colors in this rug. The burnt orange/coral and blue I feel like they are such a trendy combination,especially for this fall! The way it’s cut in half makes me wonder if the other side had been damaged, and someone really wanted to save it. I think it’s a great way to rescue a vintage rug that’s not quite perfect!

Vintage woven rug in the kitchen cut in half to become a runner

I do worry about  items that come from places like thrift stores, and other peoples homes. Because even when it looks super clean, you don’t know what’s in the environment the item came from. My trick with smaller items that I can’t ready throw in the washer go in a heavy duty black garbage bag. I seal the top, and then put it in my deep freezer for a few days up to a week. From what I’ve read, the deep cold pretty much kills anything that might be lurking. Then when it comes out, it gets a good vacuum, and it’s ready to go! This is a great trick especially with old books.

The rug is only one half of the mini-makeover. I can’t wait to show you what else I am bringing in the kitchen to give it a new feel. While I love my kitchen, and I am so glad we painted the cabinets, but it’s been almost 10 years since we gave it an overhaul, and I feel ready to give it a little face lift.

White kitchen with vintage woven rug

Since the initial remodel, we have given it a fresh coat of paint, added subway tile, and put in open shelving.

Pendant light over kitchen sink

I would love to get new counter tops, but that’s not quite in the budget, so little changes will work for now. I am thinking about removing the fancy corbels on each side of the cabinet and doing something a little more simple.

Modern vase on windowsill

(Tall vase on the sink from The Collective lhe + Makery)

What are your thoughts? Should I keep the corbels or leave them?

White kitchen with vintage woven rug and wood counter tops

I can’t wait to show you the other half of the mini- kitchen update….


  1. Hi I often purchase large rugs at thrifts, yard sales etc. I take them to a big laundromat that has the huge commercial washers and wash them on the gentle cold cycle. I may hv to comb out the fringe on the Oriental or vintage styles but this way you are assured no odors etc. I’ve never had a problem. Afterward I will run the washer again to be sure it’s rinsed of any stray hairs etc for the next user. Like the corbels!

    1. That’s a great suggestion Kate! Thank you for sharing that! I am going to try that next time I grab a vintage rug!

  2. Love your new old rug, Jen! I like that you can face it the way you have it or face it the other way. About those corbels, I still like them but the popular mid-century modern look likes everything with no frills. Up to you.

    Enjoy your new rug,

    1. HI Barbara, Thank you! I think that’s where I’m leaning is that cleaner mid-century modern look.

  3. This rug looks great and its colors are just amazing. The kitchen looks so cozy with it.

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