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Painted dresser makeover with brass handles

Don’t ever let anyone fool you into thinking girls are dainty and sweet. And, especially not in this house.No dolly tea parties here, they are a bunch of rough and tumble, mud-pie making girls around here. I have a painted dresser makeover  because my youngest “lady” recently received a “new” vintage dresser and the old one was coming out of her room. She is growing and needed something with more drawers, and my sister in law had a great mid-century piece she was getting rid of (pictures coming soon).

I am telling you, this is a solid wood, antique dresser, at one time I had painted it with TENDER LOVING CARE, and it looked just lovely.  She trashed it so badly NO ONE would buy it, and I was selling it for cheap, and it has great detail. Who is THIS CHILD’S PARENT that they would let them treat furniture like this…?!!! FOR SHAME… Oh yeah, me.

Dresser before

You might ask me what they do that their furniture always ends up looking this way. I don’t really know, it’s really mind-boggling. I just can’t wait until they have children of their own… I am going to give them permanent markers and sledgehammers as gifts, and I am going to laugh,and laugh, and laugh.

This was part of the first dresser set I bought myself when Hubby and I had our first apartment. I sold the match to the set, because I can’t keep it all,but, I wasn’t quite ready to haul this one off to Goodwill. I decided it could stand one more coat of paint.

Painted white dresser makeover again whote paint and brass handles

And I am glad I did. She cleaned up nicely. I picked up the handles at a craft store (It’s initials are H.L.), half price (even better!), and replaced the coral ones.

I love how they remind me of stirrups, and it really gave it an entirely new direction.

painted dresser makeover with brass handles

I really kind of love how this painted dresser makeover looks in my living room and is an extra storage option.

Brass handles on a white painted dresser

All I have to do now is keep those kids away from it. Again.

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  1. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad that it’s not just my house where the girls are hard on the furniture. I lovingly painted a desk for my youngest, and a couple of weeks later, in a fit of mad at me, she peeled the paint off the side of it. And it stayed like that for about a year. I’ve since sanded and re-painted it, and it’s now waiting its turn to be sold in my antique booth.

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