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Have You Heard the Power of a Whisper?

In our bible study group, we’ve been reading Bill Hybels  The Power of a Whisper. I am one of those people who a few years ago would never have thought about going to church every week. I would have much rather visited the church of the holy bed pillow. My faith was there, but it was  a bit well, waffle-y.  We might have gone to church on Easter and Christmas and while I  could say the Apostle’s Creed by rote(don’t ask me what it meant.).  And I never would have gone to a weekly bible study. And I have to be honest, I thought Christians were a bit… Christian-y.
Garden in spring with garlic tops growing

My husband and I have both had a huge shift in the last two years and have really found huge blessings in a deeper faith. I love that my kids LOVE their bible classes and are excited to go (Considering my parents had to drag us into ours as kids.). We love our church and are excited to go every week ourselves. There is something about knowing that God is on your side that makes those hard times a bit less.. hard.
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In the past, if something happened that seemed a bit out of place or oddly helpful, instead of divinity, I would have chalked it up to “Wow, what a weird coincidence! What are the chances???”
 I would never have thought it was a divine whisper…
Fall garden raspberry bushes
Like the time I was going to have my gallbladder out. I just wasn’t feeling good about the surgeon.I prayed on it, asking for some kind of answer…. two days before my surgery I ran into the wife of an old friend I hadn’t seen in over 10 years. She asked what was going on and our conversation came around to my surgery. When she asked me who was doing it and I told her, she immediately told me I shouldn’t use him and all of the problems she had had with him and afterwards.. for the same surgery.
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I immediately cancelled and found another doctor, and everything went fine.
Odd? What are the chances?
Or the time I was doing a yard sale at my mom’s house. The neighbor came over and told me about her daughter being abused by her husband and how they didn’t have any money for the legal issues and her daughter was so depressed she had  a hard time functioning, so they were going to try to sell some of her grandson’s baby clothes in the sale for extra money.
I felt bad I couldn’t help.
A few hours later, a young woman came through with a little boy. We were haggling prices and she wanted  a dish set I had. We settled on a price and she went out to her car to get her last few dimes.
I knew she was out of money, but a sudden thought came to my head. I said to her “The  lady next door has some clothing about your son’s size, I don’t know if you would be interested?”
She ended up staying next door for over two hours.
It turned out she was a battered wife who had left her husband. She had lived in a shelter for a while and put herself through school to be a legal aide and she now worked with abused women.
She offered to take the daughter on Monday for the proper paperwork and give her free legal services.
I think not.
I find with each little whisper, my faith grows stronger. It seems to happen more and more as I start to pay attention, and listen to that Power of a Whisper and turning off the TV, shutting out the noise of every day and just listening. Paying attention to those gut feelings and following through with the “I should’s. And then looking back at those times when I wish I had listened because those “I should’s” became “I should have’s”.
The power of a whisper amazes me.

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  1. I think the thing most people miss are the “everyday miracles” in our lives. The big ones we notice. It is those like the ones you mentioned that often escape our acknowledgement. God doesn’t usually shout in our ear. He tends to whisper in our hearts and mind. Thank you for sharing the book link. (That may very well be my little miracle today!)

  2. Lovely post and so true… God is so awesome and interested in the everyday details of our lives.. Never too busy.. We need to not be so busy so we can hear His dear sweet voice… You are so right…
    God bless..

  3. What a beautiful post. I love the stories you talked about. I’m so glad your family’s faith is growing and you’re excited about the Lord. There is no greater joy that!

  4. It is a powerful thing when we begin giving God the credit for being active in our lives. He is amazing. I have a senior this year and I’ve prayed more this year than ever. I’ve been asking for God to make it evident the paths my son should take and I have been truly amazed. (I’ve now changed my prayer that God will make my son SEE the path 🙂 haha) Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Very nice post Jennifer.

  5. What a beautiful post Jennifer!!~ I always use to feel the same as you, and even though we don’t have a church yet that we attend regularly, I truly believe that when things like that happen, it’s all because of God!
    When I’m going through trials in my life and forget to have faith, I just have to remember that God saved my husband, he had a ruptured aneurysm about 3 years ago and wasn’t expected to live, and this always helps me to remember that God is in charge of every aspect in our lives and to just give it up tom him.
    I’ll have to get this book, thanks for your lovely post!!~

  6. JEN! This is such a special post…!! I love your heart and love that you shared it with us. SO true…the power of His whisper…I love how you’re able to recognize it now – there are no such things as coincidences….!!! 🙂 xoxo

  7. Jen,
    Sounds like an amazing book.I must check it out.We believe our faith is there but after leaving our last church (long story short my daughter was going to a christian school where she was being bullied the church was connected to the school and we left.We still have not found a church)we have not gone as often as I like.And honestly I think going to church reaffirms you faith.It is just how I believe.I have not heard those whispers.We need to get back to what is most important.Thank you for the reminder.

  8. Dear Jen,

    Your witness and testimony to the Power of God is awesome.

    May your Spirit always be richly blessed to “hear the Whisper,” and continue on your journey to live a life of Light. God uses us all the time.

    My daughter’s favorite mantra is “There is no such thing as coincidence.”

    I am finally starting to remember the newer changed version of the Apostle’s Creed, haha. How about you?

    Hugs of sisterly Christian love,


  9. Dear Jen, I’ve never commented on your beautiful blog before but I have to this time! Wow! It is amazing how God works and how He reveals Himself to us. I’m glad you are coming along in your journey. I felt the same way in my 20s, one of the most miserable times in my life, next to my childhood and teen years. Heck, let’s just say that when I finally decided to go back and seek Him, my life slowly turned around.

  10. God is doing an amazing work in You, Jennifer and I am so happy and proud of you and your witness of his love and provision in your life and so many others. There are miracles around us everyday, but we often miss them because we are not tuned in with so may distractions in our lives. God is always speaking, I just have to make a space to hear it. Hope your day is wonderful. The book sounds interesting!! Will have to check it out…. Linda

  11. Jen, so glad to hear of your growing faith! God cares about every small thing and every big thing (in other words…everything) in our lives.You are right about God’s guiding hand and not coincidence. Wishing you continued growth and everyday blessings!

  12. I am so happy you are discovering the love God has for us. He loved us so much, that his Son died so that we could have this relationship with him. Keep following hard after God and trusting his Son for your salvation, not what you “have to do.” his grace is all we need. nothing we can do can earn it.

    Then all our lives will be a testimony to his power and glory, not our own. 🙂


  13. When I read that people are in pain on FB or are really going through a bad time,I always post to “be still and feel the brush of Angel wings,”meaning be quiet, be still and listen for God.
    It is a act of faith I have used for years. That was a very moving post.

  14. Thank you, this was just what I needed to hear. The power of a whisper indeed – coincidental that I should stumble upon your blog? I think not… we only need listen – and sometimes the din of the world does tend to drown out the whispers of God and we need to just find a quiet place to reconnect once again.

  15. Your post is right on. I’m glad you and your family are close to God too. I have learned to always pay attention to those little whispers.

  16. Hi Jen,
    I read your blog all the time-love it! I love your decorating and I live in Chicago so I feel close to home when I read your blog. I have never commented before but thought I should after reading today’s. I have a strong faith but always felt the way you do regarding getting up early on Sunday morning. For me, it’s just laziness. But as I get older, I too have started to feel the need to take time for God. I think we start to feel the need more as adults.

    Your blog is very inspirational-esthetically and mentally. Keep up the good work. Love all your pictures!

    Pat in Chicago

  17. Hi Jennifer! I love getting your posts in my inbox. You are so creative and have such a flare for design. That’s why I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Congratulations! If you choose to accept this award, you can find the details on my blog.

    Have a great weekend,
    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  18. What an inspiring post! It thrills me when I hear of someone moving from the place of knowing who God is, to knowing God. Those divine whispers (love that term) are what I’ve always called “Godincidents”. 🙂

  19. I want an update on how you are liking the Hybels book! I’ve been reading his daughter, Shauna Niequist’s, stuff lately and I think she’s fantastic. Witty and entertaining and poignant all at the same time.

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