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Coming up…..and fast…

I can’t believe that it’s only a few weeks until the Kane County Flea Market (May 5 -6 Poultry barn). I have to be honest, it’s my first time selling somewhere so big, so I am freaking out a just a little bit. A year ago, I never would have tried something like this, but now I am just jumping right in.
 The Nada Farm Sale is just a few weeks later!
 For those of you that have been, it’s on Anne Marie’s farm and was covered by Midwest Living last year and was just mentioned in Flea Market Style!
 I’ll be bringing items from my spring line, handmade and vintage items.

 This was my space at the last sale, this time I am directly across from when you come in so you’ll see me right away. 🙂
It’s all coming up so fast and I have those butterflies fluttering around in the pit of my stomach. 
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  1. i can’t wait to see your booth in may. so excited for you. it will be awesome. i am ready for flea markets and sales in the nice weather.

  2. Jen,
    Don’t be nervous.Your style is amazing and you are going to sell…SELL…SELL! I wish I could be at Kane.Sometime I am going to have to drive down there sometime.

  3. You will do fine. Kane is so much fun !!I went to Kane alot when I was living there in Dixon. I would see so many and meet wonderful people there. I had a little antique shop in Dixon so I gotten to know many people along with the many auctions that I went to there. I miss the Kane so much !!.Alot of people enjoy Kane. Jen you are creative and inspiring to many.They will love you and buy your beautiful things !! I look forward to hearing how it goes for you and seeing pics there. Have a beautiful and creative day Jen ….Chickie

  4. That’s great news Jen. You’ll do great. I know people who are very successful at Kane County Flea Market. Now you’re getting me nervous because I’ll be starting my new gig, also on the 5th. I’ll be just down the road from Kane at the Heritage Prairie Farms Farmer’s Market. I’ve committed to every Saturday from May to October. What kind of inventory does that involve? Yikes…. got get sewing/creating.

    Best of luck to you in these two ventures. I’ll be waiting to see an update.

  5. Hi Jen,
    I will stop by and see you at Kane. Christie, Sherrie and I have been vendors a couple of times now and have really enjoyed it. We will just be shoppers in May due to Nada. We are getting very excited! See you at Kane and Nada!
    Laura – Whimsical Perspective

  6. I can’t wait! I get butterflies this time of year…every single year! I am always so nervous, wondering if anything is going to sell! Lol! I make myself crazy, I tell ya!

    You will be amazing…and your booth will be amazing! If I can get away from mine I will stop by and say Hi!


  7. You are so talented, I am sure your spaces will be amazing and you will be very successful. Loved your feature in Artful Blogging…just got my copy and was delighted to see your article! You do a great job at whatever you attempt and should be very proud. Relax and have fun with it all! 🙂

  8. Jen,

    This looks AMAZING! I see now what you were talking about! I love those tea towels and your booth!

    Thanks for the inspiration.


    PS I added the button to my blog with a link 🙂

  9. Hi! I met you in Oct. @ Ann Marie’s NaDaFarm Sale.. It was so fun! I love all my treasures and I wish I could come to this one coming up!
    Have fun, you’ll be fine. You will probably sell everything!
    Best to you,

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