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How to Dye Your Pillow Shams for an Instant Update…..

Hi there! I’m Jamie from So Much Better With Age and I’m back with another project. Have you ever had bedding that you wish you could change but don’t because of cost? Have you ever tried to dye your pillow shams? it makes for an instant update! I have a fantastic solution! I’ll show you how to dye your pillow shams a different color to add a pop of color to my master bedroom.As long as you use a natural fabric (i.e. not polyester), you can dye almost anything!

How to dye pillow shams

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I bought these beautiful pick-stitch shams in taupe along with a beautiful king-size quilt from Pottery Barn about two years ago. Then when we bought our upholstered bed it didn’t match. The shams were too close in color to the bed and didn’t look good.

Bed Pillow shams before dyeing them

I bought a bottle of Rit dye in Denim Blue and went to their website and  chose the sink method for dying my old shams.

Using rit dye to change fabric color

I followed the directions on the bottle for prepping and dyeing my fabric. When dyeing my fabric shams, First, rinse/soak the fabric (shams) in hot water, wring out, and set aside.

When dying fabric get it wet first

Then pour the bottle of liquid dye in the sink and fill up it about halfway with hot water  using  measurements on their website. Uncrumple the shams or fabric and then add them to the dye bath.

Steps to Sink dyeing fabric

Stir back and forth and all around for about 10 minutes using kitchen tongs and dish gloves, being careful not to splash. Let them sit longer if you want a darker color.  Rinse the shams with warm water then cold water and wring out. According to the website, you can just stick the fabric in the dryer at this point but I went a step further and put them in the washer as I was worried that the dye would still come out.

How to dye frabic in a sink


The dye took to the fabric immediately and I think I could have either left them in the sink longer or not washed them in the washer if I wanted a darker color but I LOVE the color!.

French inspired bedding instant update with fabric dye

What do you think? I love how the indigo color against all the neutrals and gold bees on the wall.


And the best part that I LOVE is that the pick-stitch thread must have been a polyester blend so it didn’t take to the dye and now it really pops against the indigo blue with contrast.

Beautiful Dyed pillow shams for easy bedding update

I’m a neutral loving girl but this little bit of indigo blue really makes the room come alive. Sometimes it’s nice to add in a pop of color.



Do you feel like dyeing some fabric now?

I’m going to be showing more of my master bedroom towards the end of this month.

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Jamie Lundstrom
DIY blogger {French & Vintage Decor}



  1. Jamie, I agree, the denim blue really pops with your neutrals. I noticed the pick stitch contrasting immediately and wondered how that happened. It looks great! I also noticed the Bee-tiful wall immediately. I’m crazy for bees, so I’m off to see how you did this. Your wall is fantastic!
    Thanks for sharing. ~ Sarah

    1. Wasn’t that a cool effect? I loved how that happened (by mistake 😉
      Thanks so much for your sweet comment.

  2. Oh, I love this idea! I found some cream colored pick stitch shams on ebay for cheap ($10) and went ahead and bought them….this is perfect! Thank you!!!~~Angela

  3. I have the same headboard and funny enough, those same shams but they were already in blue. Our entire bedding is extremely similar, but my blue was just a bit off so I’ve quit using it. Yours looks fantastic though! Love the stitching too. Makes me wonder if I could do this in reverse and bleach mine? Eek, maybe a bad idea.

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