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Around Palm Springs, Art, and The 2020 Alt Summit Part 2

I shared my experience here about 2020 The Alt Summit here, and some of the things I had experienced, especially doing my round table. While I was there, there were some beautiful sites, and I wanted to show you what else I saw at the conference and around Palm Springs. What I loved is there seemed to be so much art in the Summit, and the Palm Springs area. It was just so creative. I wish I had more time because there were a ton of galleries in the Downtown. Even just the view was art. It was hard not to take a ton of pictures.

VIew of Palm Springs

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At the Ace Hotel, they had a really cool rock formation-type sculpture.

Rock formation sculpture at The Ace Hotel

Artist Candance Rose Rardon painted these hands in sign language that spelled out ALT.

Artist painting hands at The Alt Summit

There was a New York Week Fashion Experience wall by Victoria-Riza Hyde and Donna Moncur.

New York Week Fashion Experince at Alt

This installation by Ringo and Sarah Alexander of Ringo’s Girl was really fun.

RIngo and Sarah Alexander at The Alt Summit

I loved all of the little houses.

Ringo's Girl art installation at Alt Summit

And there was a live painting going on by Artist Michael Corr of Nina Simone.

Artist Michael Corr at Alt Summit

It was really cool to watch the artists work on their craft live.

I managed to sneak away for about 40 minutes to downtown Palm Springs where I ate an ice cream cone for lunch, and then visited a really fun boutique, Thick as Thieves.

Thick as Thieves boutique

It was cute from even the sidewalk!

Interior of Thick as Theives shop in Palm Springs

The inside was amazing! It was set up like a little house, and I couldn’t take enough pictures.I loved the organic mix of boho and vintage.

Thick as Thieves shop in Palm Springs

They had lovely vignettes set up all over the store. It’s not a huge store, but it had big impact.

Thick as Thieves vignette in fireplace with vintage books and candles

I love how they used vintage encyclopedias as display. If you are ever wondering what to do with vintage reference books like that, check out this post here.

The ceiling in the backroom was amazing. It was entirely covered in macrame. If you know about my macrame experience, you’ll know why I am so impressed.

Macrame ceiling in Thick as Thieves in Palm Springs California

Macrame weavings as ceiling covering in Thick as Thieves boutique Palm Springs California

If you ever get a chance to visit and amble around Palm Springs, make sure you check them out! Thank you for letting me share a little bit of my adventure with you!