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How to make an easy holiday re-purposed sweater vase….

I am  a mistletoe  junkie.This is my season!It’s ironic, because I HATE the cold, and I LOVE hot weather and the green of summer, but I also LOVE the changing of the seasons, the prettiness of snow, glitter and merriness.

I couldn’t wait to post this project because it’s so easy and it’s the perfect one to kick off the season!

It’s so easy to make an easy holiday sweater vase with a thrift store sweater! It’s a great re-purposed sweater craft, and it’s something to pretty up your decor a bit or to give as a gift.

easy sweter vase

I started by cutting off the sleeves of a thrift store sweater. I used a smaller sweater for the narrower vases and a larger one farther down the sleeve for the larger vase.

make a sweater vaseI just cut them,and pulled them on, no finishing the edges or anything.

Once the sleeves were pulled on,I tired some burlap ribbon around the top.a sweater covered vase

The tags were made by printing out images and text from the Graphics Fairy and cutting them out to the shape I desired. I then glittered the edges for a bit of sparkle.hand stamped tags

I tied them on with wire and stuck a bit of greenery and berries in the top.make a sweater vaseAnd they are ready for some pine bough or pine cone stems! Are you ready for the holidays, or is it too early for you still?

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  1. What a awesome idea. Going to use my belated mom sweaters..love it! I get amazed at the creativity of some.
    Thanks for posting!

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