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Ways to Reuse an Old Christmas Tree

Welcome to another week of a count down to Christmas!!!


Last week I showed you how to make a deer and garland stenciled table runner.

Ways to Reuse an Old Christmas Tree

As a part of the count down to Christmas,this week I wanted to share with you Ways to Reuse an Old Christmas Tree!

Vintage ornaments and old tree branches as aholiday display

While faux trees can be great for people who don’t want to deal with the needle hassle or have allergies, the question comes in of “What do I do with an old tree when I don’t want it anymore?” Break it up! Instead of being a Craigslist or recycling nightmare, take that old tree a part and use the already branch shaped greenery all over the house! And it’s so much cheaper than buying faux greenery! I simply took a few of the more top branches and arranged them in a metal planter. I’ve even scoured Goodwill for old trees to break them up for holiday decor.

How to reuse a christmas tree

You can use it to display  with mini-vintage ornaments like I did here, or in a vignette.

Decorating with old Christmas tree branches

 I spray painted the tips of this old tree first with white spray paint, ten with flocking spray to get the white tipped look. You can also use them to fill out a tree that looks a little sparse.

Repurpose a sled and some old xmas tree branches

I also embellished a sled by tying some of the branches on them with a burlap ribbon and a vintage ornament. It has a ton of uses! Some of the older trees might be hard wire so it’s harder to break them apart, and they also could have lead so I would keep them out of reach of kids, but newer trees have a plastic base on some of them and are easier to use them in more flexible display like garlands.

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  1. Duh! Why didn’t I think of this? I have somehow inherited 2 extra trees and kept thinking I would Craig’s List them. Reusing them in other ways is brilliant!

  2. This is genius! Plus you could sell your crafty creations at craft sales (since you’ll probably have a lot more branches than you need to decorate your home right?) Or even give them as gifts!

  3. take the top of the tree after you cut the tree apart and turn it upside down to make a swag, top with wired or mesh holiday ribbon, add bulbs, pine cones tipped with sliver or gold or even add in some fresh fruit and fresh greens to make it fuller as well. The result is amazing.

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