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When God Speaks in the Morning Fog of the Outer Banks North Carolina

We rolled in from the Outer Banks of Duck, North Carolina about midnight last night; exhausted from a week of fun in the sun, and good times with friends. At the time I didn’t know it would be when God would speak to me, and that it feels a little crazy saying it.
I have to admit, I have a hard time unplugging. I made sure this last week was on auto-post and I brought all of my shop things and notebooks so I could sneak in some “relaxing” work time.
OBX dunes sand

 Even when we got there and the beautiful ocean was in front of us, I kept thinking about everything I needed to do for Fall.
Fishing in the Outer Banks
 But, I seemed totally stalled on ideas.
I prayed a few times for the Lord to give my clarity and focus, and felt  a little put out that I wasn’t getting any kind of answer.
OBX beaches with pier on a foggy day
And that  it was frustratingly silent.
For most of the week, even though I  was having a wonderful time with my family, I had a secret angst of not feeling the inspiration I was expecting to feel.
Dunes in the OBX foggy early morning
 We went to bed pretty late every night so we got up as late as the kids would let us in the morning. Thursday morning however, I woke up wide awake at 4:30 am. I  couldn’t fall back to sleep even though I had just drifted off about 12:30 am. I got up and sat on the ipad for about 20 minutes when I felt this impression of how stupid I was being to be 50 feet from the ocean and not enjoying it.
North Carolina Sunset with rolling waves
 I went outside just before the sun rose and the sky had a light fogy haze in the Outer Banks, I sat on a towel on the almost empty beach and started to have a little conversation with the big guy about how frustrated I felt, and then I heard it loud and clear in my head.
Sunrise in North Carolina Jennifer Rizzo


I am pretty sure He wanted to add “YOU IDIOT” after it, but I suddenly knew. I wasn’t supposed to be there to get “focus and clarity”. I was supposed to be there to unplug and rest and prepare for the things ahead.

Waves in the outer banks of North Carolina

So I did just that, now that it was painfully obvious. I sat and watched the sunrise on the beach for over an hour, just watching the day quietly unfold, and felt recharged and inspired.
The Outerbanks North Carolina Sunrise
  It was like waking up from a long deep sleep, and suddenly I knew I didn’t hear anything because I wasn’t supposed to. I didn’t get the answer I wanted, but got the answer I needed in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

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  1. This post reminds me that I need to get to the dunes soon. I will always remember my first trip there only a few years ago. I had been to beaches before, but never really considered myself a beach person. That all changed watching the day unwind, while the calm water lapped. I unwound from so much tension that I was giddy for days afterward. Yes, I believe it is time for another trip soon.

  2. That “still, small voice” was just what you needed! God speaks to us when we least expect it sometimes…even at 4:30 in the morning! You were very close to me…I’m in Virginia Beach! Glad you rested and relaxed a bit!

  3. Jen….you listened. so hard to do isn’t it. your pictures are just beautiful. I haven’t been to the outer banks in many years and had forgotten how lovely it is……. glad you enjoyed your time….

  4. That is just beautiful!! I actually have chills. Thanks for sharing….beautiful pictures too!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing how God spoke to you. I have to remind myself to be still and rest…it’s hard, but always worth it!

  6. Jen~

    I’ve been in the same place lately….this post really blessed me!

    Also…you were just around the corner from me here in NC! We live not too far from the Outer Banks! So glad you listened….


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  8. Just returned from the Outer Banks ourselves…our first time there and loved it!…Definitely exploring more of that area as it is only a 1/2 day drive away….Beautiful pictures…Glad you had a great time and restful experiences!

  9. Thank you for sharing.
    I agree, our prayers are always answered, just not the way we think it will be, sometimes silence is the answer.
    Enjoy this time and be well.

  10. that is beautifully said Jenn, and I am so glad you had time to rest….it seems the time is clicking by rapidly, and I would love some rest like that
    beautiful pictures
    Anne Marie

  11. Jen,

    Love the pictures of the OBX. I use to live about an hours drive from there. I am glad that you got to see this beautiful part of our country and got some much needed R&R.

    God always seesm to know exactly what we need especially when we don’t. Take care sweetie.


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