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Make a Cute DIY Gnome Craft from a Recycled Jar

Is there anything cuter than a Christmas gnome?  They are almost like little elves! There is somethings so fun and whimsical about them and they are a fun way to create an easy Christmas craft idea. With a handful of inexpensive supplies, a recycled jar with lid you can find a fun way to package the sweetest food gift or a place to stash your candy and make a cute DIY gnome craft from a recycled jar.

Easy DIY gnome treat jar


Supplies to make your gnome treat jar:

  • A recycled glass or plastic jar with a lid (or a mason jar for a bigger gnome)
  • hot glue and/or white craft glue
  • a wood bead
  • Fuzzy fur material
  • Colorful Felt color of choice (or other fun fabric)
  • Multi-surface craft paint color of choice
  • Soft paint brush
  • Styrofoam ball
  • Scissors

Making the gnomes body

To create your gnome jar, wash your jar with warm, soapy water and lid and remove the label. Then paint your jar with multi-surface acrylic paint up until just under the rim and let dry completely.

make a cute DIY gnome craft from a recycled jar with these easy steps

Make the gnome head

To create the gnomes head, cut a strip do faux fur to make the gnome’s beard and glue it to the styrofoam ball approximately 3/4 of the way up to make his beard using white craft glue. If you use a hot glue gun do not touch it to the styrofoam, this will melt it.
Make the hat by cutting a cone shape out of the felt and roll Into a cone shape. If it helps, trace it with a pencil first then cut out and glue along the seam. See this tutorial on how to make a cone-shaped hat. Glue onto the top of the styrofoam ball where it meets with the faux fur beard at the bottom of the cone. Cut a thin strip of felt and glue around the base of the edge of the hat for the brim. Even though we used felt, these would be so cute with plaid fabric and a pom pom on top made from yarn. Glue the small wooden bead where the hat meets the beard to add the gnome’s nose and let dry. Glue the gnome’s head to the top of the jar and let dry.

Using the cardstock and paper straw, I created a little “elf treats” sign and hot glued it to the jar lid. It can also say gnome treats or be personalized for the gift recipient. Gnome treats is almost as cute, or personalize it! Now the jar is ready for wrapped treats!

Gnome treat jar gnome head

Once the  head is glued on, make sure to open and lose the top of the lidded jar jar from the edge of the lid. That way you won’t accidentally pull the head off. And of course, keep out of reach ofc hildren  a pets since it has potentially detachable parts like the gnome’s nose.

Gnome DIY craft from a recycled jar

These are so fun to add to your holiday decor and can become a fun Christmas tradition. You can make your own set, or make the for individuals. It’s a fun way this holiday season to make and give great low cost gifts to a friend or a few of Santa’s elves you might know! Just stop by the Dollar store for a few bags of candy and they make a great teacher’s gift too!

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