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Pastel Halloween Decor with DIY Witch’s Hat

Even though I love traditional Halloween decorating, I love the fresh, new look of Pastel Halloween Decor.  It’s kind of fun to mix it up a bit! This month as a DecoArt blogger, I was able to use Americana Neon Lights Fluorescent Acrylics paint to make a fun Halloween DIY witch’s hat planter, with bats in fun colors (Pink Explosion, Radiant Yellow, Green Energy, Knock Out Blue, and Peach Punch)!

DIY Witch's Hat Planter with Pastel-oween bats

I bought the plastic bats at the craft store, and started painting. It was after the paint dried, and it started peeling right off of my bats that I realized my craft fail.

Plastic bats and Americana Neon Lights Paint

I didn’t use a Paint Adhesion Medium, which helps the acrylic paint adhere . You would think after 11 years, I would have figured it out by now, like when I paint furniture!!! So, learn from my mistake, and if you are going to paint something with a slick surface, use the medium before the paint.

Americana Neon Lights Bats and pasteloween decor

While those were drying, I made my DIY witch’s hat.

First, I cut out a cone shape (template at the end) that would be the main part of the hat from the old painter’s tarp, and then a round circle that would be the brim.

Roll the edges of the canvas and glue for a DIY Witch's Hat

I rolled my cone shape canvas and glued the edge. I then used some extra cardboard to make another cone to go inside the hat to give it support. I painted both parts of my hat in Americana Black Paint.

Paint a DIY witch's hat on canvas. So easy to make for spooky decor! #Halloweendecoridea

I put the top part of the hat on the cardboard cone and let dry. It got kind of slouchy at the bottom of the cone, which I liked. It made it look more “hat like”.

Cardboard cone for a DIY witches hat

I also let the brim part dry. If you decide you are going to use it on a dowel rod like I did, Cut an x in the bottom before painting… Another craft fail. I cut mine after it was dry, and it was much harder to cut through the painted canvas.

Cardboard cone for support in DIY witch's hat

Once it was dry, I glued the top of my hat to the base, and glued my bats on. A strong,multi-purpose tacky glue , or a hot glue works best. If this is going to be outside, even under a covered porch, use a clear coat of a varnish to help the durability.

DIY Witch's Hat Planter with Pastel-oween bats

After that, you are ready to put your planter together! I have that post ready for you for early next week! I also painted a few pumpkins with the Neon Lights Paint, and glued some of the extra bats to the pumpkins, witch made (ha ha see what I did there?) for fun decor.

Fun pastel pumpkins with bats

Pastel and neon bats for Halloween decor idea

Fun painted pastel Halloween pumpkin idea

I added some sticks from the yard, and it made for a fun Halloween front porch scene, or in my case, front step.

DIY witches hat and a pastel front step Halloween decorating idea



Who says Halloween has to be  black and orange?

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