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Make a DIY Faux Neon Sign with Glow in the Dark Paint

I’m excited to show you a new paint product with you that I recently had the fun of experimenting with! That’s now available at Michaels by DecoArt called Americana Glow! I wanted to share my DIY faux neon sign with you and how the glow glows!

Glow in the Dark Paint

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This paint is really cool,because unlike the old kind of glow in the dark paints, this paint actually lasts longer and glows brighter. Now you can let it glow a lot longer. I thought it would be fun to try to create a DIY Faux Neon Sign on Plexiglass. It turned out even way cooler than I thought it would. You can see a little video of the project in action:

As a kid, I was terrified of the dark. I know a lot of kids are scared, but I would lay awake at night and stare at my ceiling. The house we lived in growing up had an old tree outside of my window that never bothered me. Then after a horror movie about an old tree grabbing a kid from his room (You know which one I’m talking about.), every time the wind blew, and it brushed up against my window I would try to crawl farther and farther under my covers. Any crack of light seemed like a rescue party. If I could as a kid, I could have covered my walls with glow in the dark paint if I could. And while you could use this paint at Halloween to paint some spooky glowing things, I could also see where messages, shooting stars, and other fun and whimsical things would be comforting to someone just a little bit nervous in when the lights went off.

Glow in the Dark Paint

It was fun to even see the bottles glow when I flipped the light off. Love new products? Check out this new Suede paint!

Make a DIY faux neon sign with glow in the dark paint

It glows when charged under  sunlight or UV light, and it’s a fun way to add an accent to a project that looks good in daylight, and at night! You can find Americana Glow paint at Michaels, and to see how to make the entire project, visit the DecoArt blog.





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