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Make Stamped Vintage Santa Mug Mixed Media Art Canvases

Even though ornaments and decor are super popular this time of year for projects, I always love a good holiday bit of artwork. I recently bought some super cute stamps that had different styles of vintage Santa mugs on them from Anthropologie. I thought they were the cutest stamps I had ever seen and I originally wanted to create some gift tags with them. Once I started playing with them, I knew I wanted to do something completely different and make Stamped Vintage Santa Mug Mixed Media Art Canvases with them. I am so glad I did because they are the cutest thing ever! They are so much fun for a little pop of art in a room! I wanted to share below how I made them because they are so fun for the holiday season. You can also watch a video of all of the canvases being made in this post!

Make Stamped Vintage Santa Mug Mixed Media  Art Canvases

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Vintage santa mug stack tea towel with a bottlebrush tree and stack of cookies on a cutting board

You know I love a good vintage Santa mug and I have my own vintage collection! My vintage Santa mug stack towels is one of my best sellers, so it was so fun to have vintage Santa mug stamps to play with and make these fun canvases out of! I love the stamp set because it also came with a red and green ink pad.

Fun vintage santa mug stamp set from Anthropologie

Find the Vintage Santa Mug Stamp set here

Painting a mini canvas for mixed media

To make my canvases I used little 4 x 4 canvases, craft paint, some fun holiday words ( the printable is below) and all kinds of embellishments like pom poms, mini-bottlebrush trees, red, green and black ink pads, glitter and paint pens. After opening my super cute Christmas mugs stamp set, I painted my canvases with a base coat of acrylic craft paint. I wanted to use some fun and vibrant colors. It needed two full coats of paint for complete coverage.

Painting a white circle on a canvas
Painted mini canvases with color and circles to make art

Once the paint dried, I used white craft paint to paint circles and arches in the middle of my mini canvases. This gives an area on the canvas so the Santa mug stamp can pop against the painted surface. While I waited for the paint to dry, I cut out all of the words I wanted to use in my mixed media art (you’ll find a free digital printable copy for your personal use at the bottom of the page.).

Printable Christmas words to use in mixed media art and projects

After everything was dry, I decided on a theme for each canvas and stamped in the center. Since there is some give to the fabric of the canvas, I found it was easier to kind of roll the stamp onto the canvas, and once it was in place give it a slight squeeze from both sides, and then pull it straight up. This left a pretty crisp impression. Occasionally, I would press a little too hard on the stamp and it would leave an impression of the edge, I just took a little paint and touched it up once the ink was dry. If you love stamped projects, try these handstamped coasters.

Pressing a stamp onto a mini canvas to make Stamped Vintage Santa Mug Mixed Media  Art Canvases

Then there was the fun part of creating the mixed media Santa art! The embellishing! I had found all kinds of mini bottlebrush trees, pom poms and cute items in the ornament aisle. Many of them were actually made for decorating mini-trees, but I think as a maker they make fun add-ons for art too!

Gluing embellishements like pom poms on the mini canvas

I started by adding my cut out words to my vintage Santas, and then adding pen and glitter. I would work on one while another dried.

Adding glitter to artwork and mni mug stamps

I was so excited to be making these cute little works of holiday art! I really love pulling out my vintage Santa mugs every year and even have some little winking Santa mugs that I think are shot glasses? They are super cute and I love stacking them on my windowsill. A few years ago I placed them with some faux boxwood and gold mercury glass ornaments. I seem to find most of my Santa mugs in antique stores or Etsy, but if you can’t find real vintage mug, newer mugs can be found online and they look as good as the old ones and are safe to drink out of!

Vintage Santa Mugs and boxwood on a windowsill

Once the artwork was almost finished, I added some glitter and let them dry.

Mrs Claus santa mug mixed media canvas
Fun mixed media canvas with Santa mug stamp set and Make Stamped Vintage Santa Mug Mixed Media Art Canvases
Mini vintage Christmas mug canvas with cheerful on it

I found the more I played with making Stamped Vintage Santa Mug Mixed Media Art Canvases, the more I wanted to add things like this mini-bottlebrush tree and retro glitter. It just became fun!

Fun holiday cheer mini art canvas with bottlebrush tree

They really add a fun touch of holiday home decor and are a delight to make! These would be really cute to add a ribbon to and make Christmas ornaments with them too!

Printable Christmas Words
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