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Make your own moss-filled topiary containers….

I love moss filled planters.In fact, I just love moss. In fact I noticed that I mention it a lot. There is just something about it. But I have noticed that they are a bit pricey,
I am starting to miss the green outside and thought I would make my own!

Use these supplies to make a  simple moss topiary

Make her own! (With a coupon) At the good old Hob Lob I found a product called Supermoss..
Whe-hew! Supermoss to save the day. The package did mention though not to let it touch fabric.I am assuming it’s a tad bit dyed and the green might transfer.

Make a moss topiary

And a foam ball that just fit on the top of my 40% off coupon-ed urn.

Use hot glue and a foam ball to make a moss topiary

A little hot glue..

How to make your own moss topiary, it's super easy!

So for just under $10…I got me some moss ball!

*this post is from 2009, but I thought you would love it all over again!

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  1. I am planning to post about moss very soon too. I love it also, such a needed spot of bright green – though I live in the Pacific NW so I am surrounded by moss, and it’s hard to stomach actually ‘buying’ it 🙂 I love your idea, I think I will try something similar to that soon.


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