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Make Your Own Moss Topiary Planters

I love moss filled planters.In fact, I just love moss. In fact I noticed that I mention it a lot. There is just something about it. But I have noticed that they are a bit pricey, I am starting to miss the green outside and thought I would share how to Make Your Own Moss Topiary Planters!

Use these supplies to make a simple moss topiary

I needed moss and I found a product called Supermoss that was perfect for this project. The large bag had enough moss in it to make a few topiaries. The package did mention though not to let it touch fabric.I am assuming it’s a tad bit green dyed and the green might transfer. I found a foam ball at the craft store that just fit the inside of my container. I thought about using an old softball for a minute but I couldn’t find one at the thrift store.

Make a moss topiary with a foam ball

They had quite a few sizes. Moss is one of those items you can do so much with like make a moss wall hanging that is like abstract art.

Use hot glue and a foam ball to make a moss topiary

Make sure you are using a floral foam with hot glue otherwise regular hot glue will melt. Use low temp hot glue to adhere the moss to the ball going all of the way around. It your ball fits in the urn exactly you can just do the top part and stop at the edge of your planter. If you decide to glue moss on the entire ball, it will sit slightly higher in the urn.

How to make your own moss topiary, it's super easy!

I styled mine with vintage books and a cute bird. They are so pretty on my cadenza!  I love that this project is so easy and has big impact!

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  1. I am planning to post about moss very soon too. I love it also, such a needed spot of bright green – though I live in the Pacific NW so I am surrounded by moss, and it’s hard to stomach actually ‘buying’ it 🙂 I love your idea, I think I will try something similar to that soon.


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