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Mantel Decorating Idea and Vintage Vases with Smoke Bush Clippings

I always get excited when I come across beautiful vintage vases at antique stores and thrift stores, especially vintage Asian vases. They have such beautiful patterns and have gorgeous colors and artwork. I’ve been picking them up as I find them, and have finally amassed a small collection for across my mantel.  My smoke bush has grown like crazy this year, and I thought it would be pretty to line the mantel with the vintage vases with smoke bush clippings as a way to bridge that late summer early fall decor transition.

Living room with smoke bush clippings in vintage vases on mantel

I was lucky to be able to find vases of all shapes and sizes that coordinated in color. I looked for warm tones when I could find them that went with my rug. The most expensive was $22, but most of them where in the $2.99-$4.99 range!

Vintage vases with smoke bush clippings add just the right amount of color and the branches are long lasting, and don’t wilt easily.

Vintage Asian Style vases and smoke bush clippings as a mantel dedcorating idea for late summer and early fall

The smoke bush clippings aren’t as pretty now as they are in early summer, but they still have a tint of the purple color to them . Their scent reminds me a little bit of eucalyptus.

Smoke bush leaves in vintage vases

I did get lucky and one had a tiny, little “smoke” flower on it. We just haven’t had enough rain for it to really flower out.  Smoke bushes are pretty with their flowers all summer long. The funny thing about smoke bush branches… if you forget about them and leave them in water long enough, they will throw roots. You can make more smoke bushes this way!

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Smoke bush leaves and flower

When it does, it looks amazing. All of the pink, poofy flowers extend out the end of the branches and really create a beautiful display.

Smoke bush clippings in vintage vases

They are so perfect for floral arrangements with a bouquet or on their own. I arranges the vases from tallest on the ends to lowest in the middle to give it a bit of drama and frame out the mirror. This was a really easy fall decorating idea… line up vases, fill with water, and toss in some cut branches. Boom, done! If you are interested in another early fall decorating idea, check out this post with fall leaf paintings and marigolds.

Smoke bush leaves in vintage vases on a fall and late summermantelscape

I can’t wait to do branches or even crab apples in them this fall. Pretty soon I’ll also be able to clip my goldenrod in the yard. It’s one of my favorite fall flowers.

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Vintage vase display on mantel

In these vintage vases, clipped smoke bush branches are the perfect way to decorate for late summer before fall is in full swing!

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