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Metal Stag Head Decor with Magnolia Leaf Garland Mantel

One of the fun things about having a shop is being able to style different vignettes around the store. We picked up an antique fireplace mantel to use for display in the Makery, and I added some stag head decor and galvanized metal, with a touch of glitter.

Old fireplace mantel

At one point in time, it was probably a beautifully tall mantel, but someone had cut it down to use as a headboard, so it’s slightly shorter than a traditional mantel. In a store setting, that actually works really well for us for display. I have a thing for faux mantels.

Fireplace mantel in Makery

I,of course,rubbed my greedy, little hands together, and jumped right into pulling a bunch of stuff from around the store, and putting together a mantel vignette. It’s a beautiful old mantel with some really lovely details. You can see our Camp Christmas theme here.

Deer head in mantel vignette


I painted a pallet we had left over from a wood pallet painting class, and hung a piece of metal stag head decor on it. It looked slightly lonely by itself, so I hunted around the shop and found a giant, gold frame to hang it in.

Stag head deer decor vignette

I love how the rustic pallet wood is a nice contrast with the ornate gold frame and the stag head decor.

Metal stag head and mantel vignette

We have these really beautiful faux magnolia leaf garlands, and I put those on the mantel. I love how they add a green, classic, winter look. I actually am slightly jealous of the states that can grow magnolia’s like that for real! Ours in the north aren’t nearly as lovely! When styling a mantel, I think it’s best to put the greenery on first, and then whatever is going on the mantel after. It’s much easier than trying to add it afterwards.

Bottle brush trees and magnolia garland

One each side of the mantel, I placed some faux boxwood topiaries, and some really pretty , glittery bottle-brush trees. Behind those, I propped some metal snowflakes we carry.

Winter vignette on mantel

And then I stopped.

Deer head stag mantel vignette

I love styling so much, that sometimes I can get carried away. I know the idea is for someone to buy it, and sometimes if it’s too over-styled, people don’t know if it’s for sale or not. Almost everything in our store is for sale, except the really big display pieces, and even then…. if the price is right!!! I will say though, I love having it in the Makery part of the store,and I love the metal stag head decor. It makes me feel like I’m sitting is someone’s home, and I want everyone else who comes here to feel that way too.

If you’re looking for more styling ideas and holiday decorating ideas, you can visit the holiday housewalk here.




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  1. I know what you mean about getting carried away with styling. I did a coastal themed tree in a local business and I had to really scale back from my normal style tree. It turned out well in the end, but it was definitely out of my comfort zone. Love the deer.

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