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A Creatively Made Home

Holy cow! It starts today! How crazy is that?
Jeanne Oliver is the mastermind behind the whole operation and she is the last sneak peek of her home which is A Creatively Made Home!
I adore Jeanne’s home .
and if you have followed her blog for awhile you know a few things about her:
She loves her family, she loves to create, she cherishes her true friendships, she has an amazingly have deep faith and she delights in her home.


And she is not afraid of change and taking chances. Like how she moves on ahead in her business where other people would pause, or she fearlessly paints her slate tile on her fireplace.


She loves using details to make her life lovely.
She does amazing things for her kids like home school them. I am not so brave. Or patient.
She will talk about:
*her personal journey with my home and family
*her design influences
* How she found her own style and began incorporating it
* favorite recipes and photos of her home
* live, online discussion with members of the course to ask whatever they wish about her style, home, passions.
*Share 10 project videos in different areas that are true to how she incorporates her creativity and passions in everyday living.
she will show you how to:
 Alter your own lamp shades and make little changes (for next to nothing) that will make a huge difference in your rooms.
all the ways in her home that she has incorporated vintage linens.
How you can make your own silhouettes and how to even incorporate them into gifts for your families.
She has a lot of food and chemical allergies in this home and she will show you how to make your own natural cleaning projects (you probably already have everything you need in your pantry).
and it all starts today!!!
You can still join the course.
You can even come and check out the site even if you are not registered for the course.
It is going to be an incredible, creative community.
One last reminder of what you will find in the course:
* Live discussions with the hosts each week
* We will take one of YOUR rooms each week and all five hosts will give design suggestions for your space
* Each person registered will get a simple entertaining e-book.  This will be for you to download and keep forever.
It will have recipes, photos and stories that will inspire you to open your homes and not worry about everything being perfect.
* Over 50 project and decorating videos.
* Real discussions videos about our homes, finding your style, finding contentment with what you have, true hospitality and so much more.
* Photos, photos, photos!
To register click HERE.
To see our new site click HERE.
We can’t wait to share the course with you!


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  1. She does have a really beautiful home!

    I have to admit that you are my favorite. I guess because I can relate to you so much. We have a similar no money/make it yourself approach. I had to laugh when in your video you mentioned seeing all those cottage white homes and thinking you’d never be able to live in one and there you are now. LOL! That’s what I always think. So who knows – I may trade in my yellow, red and aqua for something lighter one day 🙂

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