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Moss-Covered Rustic Bunny for Spring and Easter Decor

I picked up a pair of wood and metal rabbits at Michaels the other day in their Easter aisle,for my mantel, and I thought they would be much,much cuter as a moss-covered rustic bunny.

Metal and wood rustic Easter bunny

I knew the green, mossy texture would add a lot to an fun spring mantel. I even found a bag of mixed moss that had regular moss and reindeer moss and I like how the mixed texture looked. If you love the look of moss, see how we filled a dough bowl with moss and added faux orchid for a dining table centerpiece.

Glue moss on a wood and metal rabbit for a moss-covered rustic bunny

I added white craft glue all over the top part and then started gluing my moss. The moss I found had several different kinds in the box, so I mixed it up a bit for different textures on my rabbit. This is so easy, you could cover any wooden surface with moss and make it spring and green feeling.

Moss-covered rustic bunny for spring and Easter decor

I let it dry a few hours, and it was ready to style!

Make a cute moss coevered rustic bunny

I’ll show you both of them once I get my Easter/Spring mantel done.

Cute Easer decor with a moss-covered bunny

I added some really cute faux eggs, and a birch basket. I wanted the Spring decor to last as long as it could.  I painted some bunnies to look like terracotta for a dining table centerpiece and love the texture they have.

Nest for spring decor

I found this really great nest at Homegoods! It was such a great size and I loved how it had the eggs already in it, and the cute moss around the outside. I thought it went well with my bunny.

Easter eggs and flowers

I think moss is such a great way to decorate for Spring! This moss-covered rustic bunny brings in some much needed green! If you don’t want to make one, here is a(affiliate link) cute moss sitting bunny ready to go!

Buy an olive tree from a nursery as an indoor house plant

Which reminds me, I recently had a new plant addition to the house! I bought an olive tree! I’ll probably move him outside when it gets a bit warmer, but I love the color and texture he adds.

Buy an olive tree at a nursery for a house plant

I haven’t seen any in any plant shops around here, so I ended up ordering him on-line from Home Depot. It came about two weeks after I ordered it, which was faster than I thought! Luckily, I already had the(affiliate link) Olive Bucket to put him in. I’ll have to let you know how he does. I’ve never grown one before. I did have a Fig tree(twice) that kept dying, so hopefully with the Olive tree with I’ll have slightly better luck!

For more moss projects you can see how to make moss balls, or even an awesome rustic woodland wreath.