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Sketched Botanical Wall Art Display

One thing we wanted to do to add the botanical feel of the Nada farm show was to add some sketched botanical wall art display. We felt that it would add to the whole greenhouse feel of the entire show. I sketched all of the botanical images in black pen on the craft paper that was attached to the wall, and Ann Marie added, vintage, botanical book, pages with little bits of dried flowers and grasses tucked inside. It became a romantic, dreamy, feel, and really lent to the entire aesthetic.
Vintage botanical images sketched on brown craft paper with vintage book pages and dried flowers to create a Sketched botanical wall art display

I really loved being able to add my artistic hand to the wall display. You can see the Fritillaira blooming  still on a bulb that is drawn on between lots of different pages that are torn out of a book. I love the use of the droid hydrangea and it’s beautiful golden color against the paper.

Sketched flowers on kraft paper for wall display

This is my other favorite installation of the market. The weather branch is put on to two hooks that will be used whole clothing, and then on top there is moss that is draped with a bit of beautiful lace and adorned with paper butterflies. It really makes the entire scene so magical and goes with the sketched botanical wall art display

I was so inspired by all of the botanical drying that I decided to go home and create some of my own items that I would sell at the market that had the similar sketched feel. This lamp shade below is one that I added hand-painted butterflies to that were cut up and stitched around, and I added hand drawn vines. This has a very Anthropologie-style feel to me
I also added two chairs they also have botanical elements to them. This one is Cotton duck cloth with birds and hand-painted to live on it. And I also stitched a vintage doily to it so that it had kind of a eclectic- artsy feel.
Mixed media chair with a vintage doily and painted designs on it including birds

The second chair that I created I painted a really pretty sage color, added some hand-painted butterflies, a hand-sewn vintage doily, and this is over a transferred image of a vintage botanical book page.

I had to share with you the image because even though it’s not botanical in nature I thought it was so cute. Ann Marie re-purposed is vintage lamp shades and stencil the word YUM them to hang over the bakery area. Right over that she added vintage lace from a tablecloth. It just is the most perfect setting and perfect aesthetic for the market and the bakery area. I thought it was so cute.
If you’re just reading this post now and you missed the Nada Farm sale you can see all the pictures from up here in this post.
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  1. looks amazing. i am so excited. can hardly wait. you guys have been working so hard. looking forward to seeing you!!! miss ya.

  2. Gorgeous photos. Love a good sneak peek every now and then. Looking forward to seeing more 🙂

  3. OMG!*!*! Just LoVely… It’s going to take more than a few hours set up to whip my booth into a Space Like That!!! Looking forward to the whole experience this weekend… C-U-then…
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  4. Wish I could attend. It looks so beautiful. You and Anne Marie always do such an amazing job of tranforming the farm into a magical place. Have a blast, I know that you will!

  5. Just to let you know I posted about this event.I am sooo going to MISS it.I hope all is fun and you enjoy every moment of it.Lucky for my sister Kimberly from Dekalb there .WiLL be going. Have a lovely evening>>Chickie

  6. Ohhh….guess what (who?) I came home to tonight?! (She arrived earlier in the week but I was out of town for work.) I loooovvveeee her. LOVE!!

    Can’t wait to see more pics from Nada Farm. If I can’t be there in person at least I got a little (and beautiful!) piece of the action. 🙂

    Good luck!

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