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New Year New Pine Forest Acrylic Painting

Hi everyone! Happy New Year! We closed the shop for the week between Christmas until just after the new year. I have to tell you, it was pretty amazing. I ate a ton of food. My family and I put together a brand new puzzle, only to discover it was missing one piece at the end (insert mad face here.), and just hung around. I did sneak out one day to the closed shop, to nurture my creative side, and work on a new pine forest acrylic painting.

Jennifer Rizzo Winter Decor with a pine tree acrylic painting

Even though I love design, sculpture,ceramics, and just plain making stuff, paint has always played a part in all of those.  It’s probably why when I got back into creating, I was painting furniture, and  murals. In the very beginning, I was making the most horrible looking mason jars, picture frames, and a few stuffed, felted snowmen ever.

Don’t believe me? Here is a picture from one of my first craft shows :

Painted mason jars from Jennifer Rizzo's first craft shows

Well, you gotta start somewhere, right? So, if you are reading this now, and you want to dive into creating something, but are worried its going to be bad… That’s ok.  Just start making things. The more you make, the better you get. Remember: we all start at the beginning.

I really love putting paint to canvas, and working in acrylics and gouache. One of my main goals for this year is to dive back into canvas work, and start offering my paintings for sale again in the shop.

Woodland snowy scene with hand painted picture Jennifer Rizzo

I decided to paint my pine forest acrylic painting over a simple picture I did for my holiday housewalk over my faux mantel. It was such a big canvas, I thought it was better to reuse it, rather than buy a new one.

Painting over an old painting Jennifer Rizzo

I started by adding a layer of white acrylic paint over the top of the old painting. The hardest part is waiting for it to dry, so I can add more paint!

Winter scene painting layout

After I did a cover coat on the old painting, I did a quick layout painting over the top in my colors. I wanted to get my valley, and my tree positioning correct.  I know there is a whole rule of thirds, but as someone who was never formally trained in art, I just kind of go with what is pleasing to the eye for me. I I decided I wanted to use shades of black, green, blues and grays for my canvas to give it a wintery feel.

I used DecoArt Premium Acrylic Art paints for my canvas, but this is not a sponsored post.

Pine tree underpainting Jennifer Rizzo

After I did my initial layout, I added my pine trees using under-painting. It’s a technique I use a lot. I like how it gives me a good, dark base to lay my lighter colors over. I feel like it enriches the colors painted over the top. This works well in acrylics, but not so much in other mediums like watercolor, or gouache. I don’t work in oil paint, so I am not sure if it’s used in that kind of painting at all. Maybe some of you more versed in oils would know?

Adding a snow layer in a pine tree acrylic painting

I added snowy branches by using a round brush, touching the tip fill of white paint, and adding gentle pressure downwards. After the snow, I added some simple shading to the bottom of the trees.

Painting snow on pine trees Jennifer Rizzo

I have a tutorial in this post on how to paint a winter scene, which includes a basic pine tree. You can also see how to paint a birch tree here, and an agate pattern here.

Jennifer Rizzo Winter Decor with a pine tree acrylic painting

Once it was dry, I added it to my winter mantel decor. I kept my deer up, and my felt garland from Anthropologie, and added a few birch logs and candles.

Jennifer Rizzo wintertime living room with pine tree acrylic painting

The snowy canvas looks nice above our faux fireplace. It gave me such joy to take the time to really create! I hope to have a pillow or two of it available in the shop soon,  I just need to photograph it with my big girl camera, so I get a good resolution for prints!

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