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Upcoming Makery Workshops with Jennifer Rizzo

As the holidays slowly melts into late winter, I am really excited about the new Makery workshops I am teaching at the store! We started off in early January this year with some creative, new year experiences! We had a a vision board workshop, and a paint your word workshop (my word of the year this year is INTENTION.) so you could start the year off inspired. Now that we are moving further along, we are really concentrate on exploring creativity, and learning new skills! Here are some of the workshops we are going to be offering  and I’ll be teaching in January:

Huge Yarn Wall hanging Tassel workshop at The Collective lhe + Makery in Lisle, IL with Jennifer Rizzo

Like this GIANT yarn wall hanging workshop! It was so much fun to make. It’s a very satisfyingly fun and messy time. We are going to explore not only yarn knotting, and tassel-making, but also dip-dying yarn. I love a good dip-dyed project!

Boho yarn wall hanging with tassels and dip dyed yarn At The Collective lhe + Makery in Lisle, IL and Jennifer Rizzo

I won’t be wearing that cute denim jumpsuit in the above picture for the Macrame-ish workshop. We are going to get MESSY, so you’ll see me in my messy paint clothes. This is a longer class, so we will have some snacks provided too.

Boho yarn tassel and bead wall hanging Jennifer Rizzo at The Collective lhe + Makery

You know me, if I can get some paint on myself, I will!

Upclose of Dip-Dyed tassels from a yarn wall hanging

Here’s a fun video about the Makery Macrame-ish Workshop! I have the registration page link below if you want to check out the times and availability.

Macrame-ish yarn wall hanging workshop at The Collective lhe + Makery in Lisle, IL

We also are going to be offering a furniture painting workshop. If you can carry it in, you can paint it, and all materials are included!

DIY furniture painting workshop at The Collective lhe +Makery

We also have a super-cute GIANT wood ruler painting workshop.

Watch me grow ruler painting workshop

And, remember that pine forest, winter painting I just did? I am going to be teaching a class on painting it! It will be a smaller 11 x 14 version on canvas board.

Paint a winter scene canvas at The Collective lhe +Makery with Jennifer Rizzo

We’ll also go over shading, shadows, highlighting, and how to create a washed-moody backdrop with blues and grays. We’ll use a flat canvas board so you can frame your artwork  when it’s done.

 You can check out the rest of our January Makery workshops here. Our February schedule will be going up soon, and we have some fun workshop weekends coming up this year too! The retail portion of our store is also starting to get all kinds of fun new products in too. It’s nice for everything to have a nice refresh in the new year!



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