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Painting a Mismatched Chair and Desk Black

I had a lone chair from a set that needed a home. It was from a 5 piece set I paid $65 for. I knew it would be perfect for a desk I had picked up that didn’t have a chair to go with it. I knew by painting a mismatched chair and desk black, it would be the perfect way to marry two lonely pieces of furniture. When I finished , it was like they were meant for each other.
Mismatched desk and chair



Here is what the chair looked like before  I painted it. It was a perfectly good wood chair that needed a new seat. It was easy to cut a piece of plywood as a base to the chair and then use this method to reupholster it before painting the wood.
Single wood  chair no seat
I love buying loose chairs that’s not in a set with a table. I’ve been able to use them when I’ve needed a chair for the odd project like this small desk/vanity. I am sure you’ve seen these kind, they normally have  a mirror attached. The stool  that went with the desk was was broken so I thought they would make  a great couple and could go off to my booth together.
Painting a mismatched chair and desk black to make a matched set
Painting a mismatched chair and desk black make them look like a set, even if they weren’t originally that way. If you’ve never painted furniture before. Check out this post with some tips and hints on the best way to paint furniture.
Small desk in corner and lamp with black chair


I love how these turned out! I was supposed to take these to my booth to sell,  but  I decided to keep it for myself.  Since it’s not a full size desk, it’s the perfect size for  a little private writing corner in my living room. The kids can do home work or draw and not take up space at the kitchen table. Or maybe I will do all of my blogging there, or get my Etsy orders together…  😉

Black chair and table painted to matchw ith lamp and clock faces


Someday something I paint will make it to the booth to sell.

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  1. Always great to see what others do….I have just started blogging and reading others.. Great job! I have an Etsy store too! WildOakDesigns.etsy.com, and my blog is WildOakDesigns.blogspot.com
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