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Cutting Down a Microwave Shelf

I am Die-ing to paint my cabinets a lighter color. They are 1980’s oak. While they are solid wood and have a decent shape, I like to refer to my kitchen as “the cave”. Those cabinets make the room DARK. I am planning on doing it after the holidays settle sometime in January or February. Here’s the first step of prep in this loooong journey which is cutting down a microwave shelf in our kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets and microwave shelfThis is the microwave shelf, which would be useful if I was 6’4, but I am a shorty. Since I am about the same height as Mary Lou Retton,( or for those you in the younger set Li’l Kim.) everything that would come out of that piping hot microwave is at the perfect spot for pouring hot soup right on my head. So, the microwave is on the counter, and the area kind of became a junk collection point and looked very dated with the “bump out.”

Removal of microwave shelf

We had a carpenter friend take it down and cut the lip off so we still could use it, but it would blend in more… Look at the surprises underneath the wood! Whoo-hooo! Was that shade of green ever in style?! It’s crazy to think how many changes this kitchen has been through in the last 40 years.

Cut down microwave shelf for kitchen updates, cutting down a microwave shelf

Now that it’s been “trimmed”, it already looks better! We are going to put molding on to hide the bottom and crown around the top to finish it off… but alas, while there is potential there, and I am impatient and want it done NOW..I have to remind myself one step at a time… It’s nice to finally have this small kitchen update finally done!
*Lots of changes! See how our kitchen looks today!

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  1. I use to work in the building trade and one thing I loved doing was designing kitchens. Like you I never understood why they made the MWO cabinets so awkward. Did you ever think of replacing the short cabinet over the box with a longer cabinet? If you are painting the kitchen anyway, you could probably get one to match your style. You would have the door handles, from the short one if you aren’t replacing all of them. Just a thought!
    Enjoying your blog! Thanks for sharing! :o)

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