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Paint a Metal Lamp Base

I recently bought a ceramic lamp, and I loved everything about it : The shape, the main color and even the shade… except the color of the metal base. Even though there is nothing wrong with a silver lamp base, it just didn’t fit into my decor as well. I really wanted something that had a gold/brass coloring. I decided to pull out my multi-surface paints, and give it a revamp. It’s easy to paint a metal lamp base with the right kind of paint. This would be a great way to give an old lamp a makeover.

(this post contains affiliate links)Metal lamp base before painting with gold paint

After unplugging, placing it on a tarp, and taping around the cord area, I also taped the base of the socket and the switch. It’s important to keep paint out of any functional or electrical areas.

Paint a metal lamp base

I started by adding a thin layer of multi-surface paint with a soft brush, and let dry. I waited about 30 minutes between coats. If you add the second/third coat too early, it will pick up the paint underneath, and lift it off. You’ll end up with a patchy surface, instead of one that is smooth. A soft brush is important to minimize brush marks. If you want a hammered metallic finish instead of a smooth one, you can try dabbing the paint on with a sea sponge.

Using multi-surface paint to paint the metal on a lamp

As each layer dried, I added a new layer. It took about 4 thin coats of the multi-surface paint to get the coverage I wanted.

Add layers of multi-surface paint to change the base from silver to gold

After I finished my final coat layer, I removed the tape, I let it dry a full 24- hours before using.

Changing a lamp base color with paint


The best part of a multi-surface paint when you paint a metal lamp base, is that the sealer is already in it, so no addition work is needed. It’s an easy, and very gratifying makeover. I love that the gold tone of the paint, it makes it look like a much higher-end lamp.

DIY lamp base makeover

I paired it on the dresser I made over a few months ago, and the abstract art piece I DIY’d.

Lamp makeover, and easy DIY abstract painting tutorial

If you like lamp makeovers, or are looking for inspiration, you can see this one that is painted a coral color here,

or this watercolor- inspired lamp shade.

You can also update, and makeover a lamp shade with trim,

or add fabric.




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