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Painting Abstract Art With Air

The thing I love most about creating abstract art is how freeing it is! There really aren’t any rules, just techniques! This is painting abstract art with air project is a spin on paint pouring, and really fun to do.  It’s a great way to create a custom piece of art for your home with no art skills required!

Painting abstract art with air so easy and fun!

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I’ve been really inspired lately by images of misty mountains, and I thought this would be a great way to create art and explore that subject matter! My friend Ashley, at Lil Blue Boo, has some beautiful images of mountains she’s posted. She’s also an amazing painter! Stop over and pay her a visit!

I’ll share some pictures of the project, but watching the video is actually very relaxing, and will give you the full scope of the steps of the process.


Supplies for painting abstract art with air

The first step is to paint your canvas a base coat color. I used a light gray. The best way to get the color gradation in the painting is to pick 3 or 4 colors, and then mix each one to achieve the different shades of the mountain range. When painting a scene or landscape, the thing to keep in mind is the farther away an object is, the lighter it will appear. So, start with the farthest image first with the lightest color, and work down to the closest image with the darkest color.

I used DecoArt Americana Premium Craft Acrylics in a Dark Blue, Medium Green, Medium Gray and White mixed with water.

Paint abstract art with air and water no art skills required!

To start painting this abstract art with air, I added my paint/water mixture to my canvas.

I used a paper towel and my hand because it looked good for the video. Honestly, you can just pour it out of a cup like a normal person. 🙂

Use a blow dryer to paint abstract art with air!

Then, use the air from a blow dryer to “paint” (See the video above or further instruction)!

Let abstract art lay flat until dry

When you are done “painting”, give the canvas a little lift, and wipe around the edges so it doesn’t stick when it dries. Let the abstract art lay flat until completely dry.

Once your abstract art is dry, it’s ready to hang!

Paint DIY abstract art with air!

Can you believe this is just water, paint and air, and so fun to paint?

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Paint an abstract canvas with air no art skills required!