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That was cloche……..

Are you obsessed with cloches? I am! Everything looks good under a cloche. Stack of cups? Put them under  cloche…vintage papers…vintage clock, under a cloche. So now I can add cloches to my hoarder’s list of things they will dig my body out from under one day:
Pillows, check. Lamps, Check. Magazines,check.Tea towels,check….. Cloches,check!
I once got into an argument with an 85 year-old lady I worked with over whether it was called a cloche or a bell jar. She actually got kind of riled up over the whole thing, and I thought she was going to take me down with her suitcase-sized purse, so I just let it go. Not. Worth. It.

I didn’t want to tell her  cloche is French for bell.

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Not sure what else you can put under glass?
You can see more bell jars,display ideas and cloches on my pin board.
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  1. too funny! I still haven’t converted my clock to a cloche yet, I mean bell jar, I mean cloche. I’m kinda obsessed with them right now too. you can add trays and terrariums on my list of obsessions too.;) have a great one!

  2. I love cloches, too, Jen! I have several throughout my home and I never did have them until I started blogging. Another addiction to blame blogging for! : ) Whenever I see a dome clock for a good price at Goodwill, I try to get it to makeover into a cloche. Last year I found a bunch of just the domes at Salvation Army. I wound up selling them but wish I had bought all of them now.

  3. OH I have been in love with cloches/bell jars since I started to work on my horticulture degree back in 1994. Our instructor had a collection that she used in her garden… yes she had real authentic glass garden cloches… some were imported from France, others were ones she had found at flea markets some 20 years earlier while in France. 20 years later and I still adore them. Do I own any? Not really. Well sorta…. it wasn’t a cloche in its 1st life but it is now.

    Thank you for sharing all the ideas!

  4. I LOVE CLOCHES TOO….I sell them and the tiniest one is 1″ high ! I set a tiny little child’s thimble under it !! Others are 2-3″. I love what you have done with yours!! Have to thank my friend for telling me of your post. Judy

  5. I love cloches/bell jars/whatever-you-wanna-call-them. But my husband hates them for whatever reason! I always tease him that I’m going to put his head under glass. 🙂

  6. That’s a great collection of cloches!! They are all so pretty!
    I too am not ashamed of my Goodwill cloche;) Well maybe it did come from a clock, hehe!

    Jenny from diywithjenandb.blogspot.com

  7. Jen–you’re so funny!
    Yes, I lOve cloches too! But I suspect that is just ONE of the obsessions on your checklist~like the rest of us cREATive-type people! ; D

  8. Oh wow, looking through your post I thought you had an impressive collection of cloches! Lucky you!! Then I noticed the links…to your pin board…oh well, you can still dream, and I’ll dream right along with you. Love cloches and made a couple out of vases ’cause I can’t afford the price of most of them.
    Debbie 🙂

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