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Patio Refresh and Coastal Inspired DIY Crate Table

 I have a patio refresh and a fun, coastal inspired DIY crate table I made to share with you today! Our patio used to have a hot tub on it.We bought it pre-kids. We had the idea we would spend many,many romantic and peaceful nights, soaking in the hot water having fancy drinks with umbrellas under the stars. Those days have passed us by, but we still wanted to get a lot of use out of it.

Brick patio refresh with a coastal inspired crate table

Flash-forward 15 years and I am lucky I get  a tepid shower every few days (Just kidding, I promise I do bathe a bit more than that. 🙂 ). We have a beautiful, moss covered,custom brick patio we never used because the hot tub took up a bunch of real estate, it was upkeep all year long and added an extra amount to our electric bill. Once we re-homed it,we found we had a bunch of space for enjoying our selves outside that we actually used. We have a comfy, outdoor sofa we picked up from Target last year on clearance, and some fun pillows.

Coastal inspired crate table

I did need a table however. If you want to see how I made this fun coastal inspired table, you can pop over to the Decoart blog, where I share this fun project! It was so easy to make. Almost as easy as this crate side table.

Patio refresh

I love how this area turned out, it’s such a great space to hang out in.

Snowball viburnum

My Snowball Viburnum is finally big enough to table some nice cuttings from for bouquets. and is a gorgeous backdrop to our patio area. Every year it gets bigger and bigger. My neighbors is just massively beautiful and I can’t wait for mine to get that big.

Pretty Snowball Viburnum

I love making flower arrangements with the Hosta from my yard.

Outdoor brick patio

I added some urns with Pansies in them on the side of the outdoor couch for color. They do really well here in Chicago with our constant hot to cold weather. I will probably replace them with something a little more heat tolerant in a few weeks, but for now, they are hanging in there.

Pansies in a metal basket

I found this cute metal basket to put a few in as well.

Patio makeover on a budget

The lantern on the back, it adds a nice backdrop with the galvanized metal bucket. I have it on an old garden cart,and I found the galvanized vase  at a local flower supply store. This area of our yard is really private and really peaceful. It has a giant 60- year-old Sugar Maple that shades it, so it’s a really great place to read in the heat of the summer. The crate coffee table is the perfect spot to rest our drinks and prop our feet up on when we hang outside all summer.

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Patio refresh with coastal inspired crate table

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  1. So beautiful! Love the patio with moss and your beautiful garden spaces.
    I have a confession….I LOVE the idea of an outdoor oasis, and my husband for Christmas, actually gave me several sets of the professional-grade outdoor lights to hang to create one. HOWEVER, all I can think about is BUGS. I imagine myself outside under the lights (aka bug magnets), on a beautiful evening, and having to fight them off – or sitting and reading on a cozy cushion in the afternoon, and something crawls out and sees me as his dinner, Maybe this is a Florida-only problem??

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