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Pavlova with berries and strawberry sauce

This weekend, the girls and I made our first Pavlova with berries. A Pavlova is basically a giant meringue-type torte, that has whipped cream on top and then a berry of some sort.We were looking for recipes that we could make with the  fresh strawberries we picked from the garden.We had some beautiful organic eggs on hand from the farmer’s market. While it was enticing to just throw the strawberries all in our mouths, and fill our bellies, we thought it would be more fun to try something new.

Strawberries fresh from the garden

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We used the Pavlova recipe from Nigella Lawson’s book How to Be a Domestic Goddess: Baking and the Art of Comfort Cooking. It’s my all-time favorite book about baking. Maybe it’s my husband’s British roots, but everything I’ve made out of there is pretty amazing.

We whipped the egg whites according to directions, and  prepared it to go in the oven, by spreading it into a circle with a depression in the middle.

Pavlova before baking

While it baked, we washed our berries, and added a few more from the grocery store since we wanted to make it a mixed berry topping. We also made a strawberry sauce to go on top (you can find that recipe here.).

Baked Pavlova made with egg whites, topped with whipped cream

It takes almost an hour to hour and a half. My Pavlova turned out a medium brown. I thought they were supposed to be a creamy white with brown tinge. After some searching, its common, and if I want a white pavlova I have to turn down the heat a bit, and add lemon juice. I did write that in the margin of the cook book for next time. We made homemade whipped cream, and this was the girls favorite part. This was a white, frothy sweetness they could eat out of the bowl. I kept having to remind them the whipped raw egg whites were pretty, but not to lick their fingers.

I spread the whipped cream on, and added the berries. We drizzled the strawberry sauce on top, and dug in.

Pavlova with berries. Such a beautiul dessert and so delicious!

Even though it was a total sugar bomb, I have to sat that this was one of the most delicious desserts I’ve eaten in a really long time.

Pavlova with berries and whipped cream. And amazingly delicous and beautiful dessert.

The kids dug in like it was the last dessert they would ever eat. The Pavlova with berries was chewy and sweet, with a bit of chewy crispness on the outer crust.

Almost like a campfire marshmallow. Pure heaven. Have you ever made homemade marshmallows? Those are pretty awesome too.

Berries on a Pavlova

The berries were not overly sweet, so they added a nice tartness, contrasting the mildly sweet whipped cream.

Pavlova with fresh berries and strawberry sauce

And the strawberry sauce added a  nice bit of fruity sweetness on the top.

Pavlova with berries for an elegant dessert

I will admit, each part is pretty labor intensive, so it made for a nice, Sunday afternoon activity. The Pavlova with berries not a whip-up-in-a-hurry kind of dessert, and it’s pretty fancy, but totally worth it if you have the time for a special occasion. Have you ever made a dessert like that?

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