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Refreshed After Holiday Living Room Tour

I love putting away the Christmas decor and having a refreshed after holiday living room for after the holidays! There is something about doing all of that clean up that feels so good! Here’s the before of my Holiday house. It was pretty naked when everything came down.

Christmas banner and holiday decor

I was  really ready to bring in some neutral decor and some nature to refresh my living room. Here’s the refreshed room!

Cottage core soft core refreshed after holiday living room

This is my the top part of concrete birdbath from my back yard. I had bulbs left in my garage fridge from fall and decided to give it  a shot at forcing them.  After a good wash, I put some potting soil in the bottom and lined it from moss that was on my brick patio and put the bulbs on top. I’ll keep you posted if it works. If anything, it looks pretty.



Birdbath with a tulip forced blooms

Forcing tulip bulbs in moss

I also potted up a bit of patio moss for my after holiday living room refresh. Gotta love free patio moss. I can’t believe some people try to get rid of theirs! I love how I styled a client’s dough bowl with moss and orchids. It’s so pretty!

Live moss in terra cotta pots

I added a few fresh tulips. It feel nice to bring in some real flowers after all of the faux holiday decor.

Soft aesthetic with cottage core style

They had such great color and just made it feel springy and pretty in a vintage sliver pitcher.  The  little table is from our upstairs hallway.

Bloomcore cottage core natural faux fireplace decorating refreshed after holiday living room

I put my big nest basket and bird cages on my mantel top for a  bright feel in my refreshed after holiday living room.

Bird cages on fireplace display

And my kids had fun finding some branches in the yard to put in the mantel area. Having a faux mantel is a fun way to be able to create almost large diorama’s.

Natural decor bloomcore inspiration

I thought this embroidered butterfly pillow as  a part of my room refresh from Homegoods. I love the colors!

Cottage core Aesthetic with natural touches


Are you inspired to give your room an after holiday refresh? Thanks for taking my living room tour!


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  1. Looks great! Love both of the pillows & the tulips…I splurged on some pink ones last week also. Can’t wait to hear more about the curtains…seriously! Ooooooh this blog hop is gonna be fun, I can tell. Thanks for hosting!!!

  2. I LOVE how you arranged your mantel and the hearth. Such a great eye! I can’t participate as I’m in Florida for the month refreshing my *inner* room right now, but I’ll sure enjoy checking out the other participants :

  3. Your space just makes it feel like spring! I love the arrangement in your fire place! Happy Spring! Thanks for hosting, Christie at Three Pixie Lane

  4. Hi! Love your linky party and your blog! I was wondering if you could tell me the paint color you used in your dining room…Moms work room area…above the molding. We are adding some similar molding to our living room and looking for a similar color up top. Thanks! Enjoy your week.

  5. Hi, I am new here and just saw that you are a fellow Chicago-ian. I haven’t met too many as of yet, so always exciting to find a local. I’ll be wondering around for a while. Thanks for hosting this great party, liz

  6. Hi Jennifer! My room I linked up isn’t quite “done” but it’s nearing the end… I wish it were, but I’m waiting on something I bought on Etsy that hasn’t arrived yet :/ Thanks for hosting, this is so fun!!

  7. Jen-Your room looks very nice and is motivating me. I have a tendency to leave furniture in one spot instead of thinking of new places to put it. Now, I want to take a gander around and see where I could switch things up!

  8. I love your Linky Paties! They are always so much fun seeing all the great rooms and the terrific ideas. Your living room is just gorgeous. I love everything you do. Thanks for a great time!

  9. I especially like the way that you dressed your fireplace opening! The stacked books, the cloche, the clocks…. Just wonderful and I may have to borrow an idea here! Thanks for hosting this “new to me” party. ~ Sue

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