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Refinished stairs and construction questions….

As many of you know, we are in a split level. Six stairs up,six stairs down. These are our stairs to the second floor. I waned to share our refinished stairs with you.
The previous owners had primed them, as well as the rest of the house’s original wood (due to some supposedly wayward cats.). There was some hardwood in our first level, but not enough to go through the entire first floor, and very pet damaged,  so we had to replace it with the red oak. I really wish it would have been refinish-able. Noticing that the ends of the stairs had a turned edge,and hoping they were a really wood, we decided to take a chance at the cost of $20 a stair to see if they were salvageable.
Stair treads before refinishing #stairwaymakeover #paintedrisers
  After th sanding we found out they were a beautiful oak that matched the floor and in really good shape except for one ding in the wood. But who cares, we felt like we had won the lotto! We were very lucky that there really wasn’t any damage to the treads, or cat pee stains. #Winners.
Stairway makeover  after staining treads before painting risers.
I feel like I’ve moved into a new house. Not because of the newness, but there is still so much unpacking to do! We did get a POD and that helped a lot for all of our stuff, but it goes after this week, so we really have to start moving things back to where they go.
This is how the final stairway finally ended up!
Split level stair way entry idea
We were so happy with how the makeover went and love how the stairs look! You can see more of our renovation here.
I’ve had a lot of questions about our remodel with everything  from the counter tops to the flooring and even how were contracted the job. Do you have a burning question you’d like answered? I have to admit this was our first big remodel experience so I really learned a lot. I’d like to plan on doing a post on it, so if you have anything, please ask away!

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  1. What a huge transformation! I love the darker stain on the wood floors. Such a pretty contrast.
    Ok, my burning question is:

    How did you go about painting your wood cabinets?

    We are almost ready to tackle ours in our upcoming remodel, and its got me quakin in my boots! I am constantly second guessing myself as to whether or not I should paint or stain…..help! 🙂 Thanks a bunch!!

  2. The stairs are looking fantastic. Can’t wait to see them once all the painting is finished. You are a brave soul taking on a remodel! I work with a lot of contractors who are great but there are a few who raise my blood pressure! Why are there always hidden extras that I have to tell my clients about halfway through a job? did you run into that? Would love to know if you did and how you handled it! Thanks and good luck with getting everything back together again.

  3. Awesome!!!
    We’re getting ready to do our stairs too.
    Will you be adding a runner?? I’m still not certain about this for us, but I am leaning toward yes.

  4. Love the treads! I have followed along with great interest because we are facing the same remodel as you are going through. Oh, and a bathroom too! You are doing a great job… and YES, I have questions.

    1. What was the biggest surprise about the process of remodeling? (Not the surprises hidden under floors, but the process)

    2. What’s your biggest piece of advice for someone facing the same challenge?


  5. I’ve just been having such a blast watching this whole thing happening. I can’t WAIT to see the end result!!! Seriously, I’m dying here! 🙂 SO excited for you, too, to have a great new kitchen. And I know it’ll look fabulous, since you’re so amazingly talented!
    ~Angela 🙂

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