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Small garden walk

Now that everything is finally growing in in our Midwest yard, it’s nice to take  a daily garden walk and see everything filling in and blooming!  A few of these were taken on my phone, I apologize for the small size. I’ll have to check my photo settings.

Flowering quince

This year I put a red flowering quince in. It’s so tiny and cute. it is only about 8 inches tall, but suddenly it just broke out in a riot of flowers!

Full flowering red flowering quince

They look like roses, and have a pretty red,coral color.

Snowball viburnum

My snowball viburnum is in it’s 4th year, and is 7 feet tall and full of fist-size flowers. It’s so exciting to finally see it loaded with blooms.

Blueberry in bloom in a garden walk

My blueberry bush is also full of pretty,bell shaped flowers.I have to remember to net it this year, so I can get the berries before the birds do.

Pagoda dogwood

On the far side of our yard, I had  a Pagoda Dogwood pop up on it’s own, and decided to keep it. A stray bird must have planted it for me. It has a very pretty branching pattern.

Red azalea

I’ve had this red Azalea for four years. This was the magic year, after dumping container after container of coffee grounds on it, it finally bloomed!

Midwest Hostas in a garden walk

The one thing I grow really, really well is Hosta’s. I have about 20 different varieties and am always on the look out for new and exciting ones.  I can’t wait to show you what my August Moon Hosta looks like in Mid-August. It’s huge and beautiful!

I am going to go out in the next few weeks when everything is really in bloom and filled in and I’ll give you a proper garden tour! I am excited this year that some areas have finally filled in after years of looking bare. I am not the most patient  gardener.I tend to cram things in too close and then later, I end up having to move things.

How is your garden growing when you take your garden walk?

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