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Easy window sill update

I wanted to share a quick and easy window sill update I did the other day. I discovered this trick a few years ago to make my window sill slightly wider and easier to clean.

Our kitchen window is one of the last original windows in the house. It has a painted,wood window sill and is a little on the skinny side. In fact, a small pot barely fits on it’s own.

 I also used to stress if I got dirt or any dampness on them and cleaning it was kind of  a pain. It looked dirty  to me a lot of the time, which made me crazy.

Quick and easy window sill update

I found these new tiles at Home Depot the other day when I was looking for tiles for another project, and I knew I wanted to swap them out with the ones I already had there.

Use tiles to update your window sill

I had some boring beige ones , and I liked that these had a faux marble look to them and were much brighter.

UPdate your window sill with tiles

These are actually bull-nose tiles for edges, but they work great by simply laying them on your sill.  I can fit almost three across my sill and they give me a few extra millimeters. I don’t put anything  heavy on them, or anything that could tip over or hang over the edge. They were a happy accident I discovered bout 10 years ago. My windowsill kept peeling and I was trying to come up with a solution. I happened to see them and thought I would give it a try. They were a great fit and have been there ever since! Once in a while I remove them, clean under them and then put them back, but for the most part, it really saves the window sill from wear and tear.

Use bullnose tiles on your window sill

It’s nice and clean and I can wipe them down. They really make it seem brighter too.Use bullnose tiles to update a window sillI added some pansies in antique bottles. The glass looks pretty against the white surface.

Add bullnose tiles to make your window sill slightly bigger and easier to clean

This has for sure been a great life hack in making the sill much more usable.  I totally discovered it by accident, but the window sill update was once of those things that has made a huge difference!

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  1. This is a wonderful idea!! and I love the little jars of pansies :^)
    Could you give us the size of these….I think they would solve a problem in our old house!!
    Many thanks and blessings to you,

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