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Snowball Viburnum in Vintage Crystal Decanters

I am constantly drawn to pretty glassware, especially vintage crystal decanters.  I love finding ones with different cut patterns on the glass. Even though it’s not safe to have drinks in them anymore, especially lead crystal, they can have other uses such as making pretty vases! My Snowball Viburnum bush is in it’s full glory right now, and I thought it would be so pretty to put the snowball viburnum in vintage crystal decanters I had collected and make a coffee table display.

Snowball Viburnum as coffee table display in vintage crystal decanters

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I decided to give them 3 different heights by stacking them on books on my white waxed coffee table. They are all about the same height, so it’s a great way to give them visual interest. You can check out my display rules of 1-2-3 here for easy tabletop decorating.

Crystal decanter as a vase

This decanter is one of my favorites! It has a fun, retro daisy-like pattern down one side.

Coffee table display idea with vintage crystal decanters

What I love about crystal decanters is how many different shapes,designs and patterns there are. I have found most of them at thrift stores for about $5.99. I’ve never paid more than $9.99 for one. If you can’t find any vintage crystal decanters by you, Amazon has some pretty glass vases here and here.

For today’s PSA…I have heard that you’re supposed to keep any kind of glass out of direct sunlight because it can cause a fire by acting as a magnifying glass. I’ve even read of reports that it’s happened with crystal doorknobs! Pretty freaky.

VIntage crystal decanters repurposed as vases

My Snowball Viburnum was attacked by Viburnum beetles last year, so this year they got a really aggressive pruning in the early spring. One bush bloomed fine and the other decided it didn’t want to… and I’ve been keeping an eye out for the little bugs and grabbing the offenders right away when I see them. I am also trying a product called Tanglefoot to get the larvae on the way to the ground, fingers-crossed!

Snowball Viburmum blooms

They are one of my favorite spring flowers next to lilacs.They make such an impressive display in a yard too and fill in blank areas nicely.

Snowball viburnum flowers

I love how they turn from a lime green to a pretty white. It’s hard not to cut all of the flowers and spread them all over the house. The blooms last pretty long in vases as cut flowers too.

Snowball Viburnums in crystal decanters in eclective living room decor idea

I love how adding flowers to a room is such an easy way to upgrade decor (like when I staged The Oak House kitchen with fresh tulips.), and I really love a good upcycle. Fresh flowers really bring rooms to life!