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So you’d like to be published….

I’ve gotten so many questions about how I got published or how to submit things, I decided to do a post on it. Now, I am no expert, a lot of people have many more credentials than I do; but I wanted to share a little of what I have learned.
Getting published is in your own hands.
Anyone who writes ( and if you are a blogger; then you are a writer whether you are published, paid or not.) dreams of seeing their name in print.
There are some very blessed bloggers that have been contacted to be published for one reason or another. I was never one of those and had to go after my goal with a vengance.
A lot of magazines prefer their writers to have previously published work ( like Better Homes and Gardens – I’ve yet to crack that code .). At first I did A LOT of free writing for the local paper. This enabled me to have “a body” of work. I was able then to submit that to write for a paid website.
When I contacted Country Living I had already had 8 months of published material.
It also helped that I had been able to introduce myself in person to the editor which took a big swallow (who is, of course, the nicest person ever.).
Never miss one opportunity because of fear.

Are there other ways to get your projects into the magazines?
First of all. Find your venue. Make sure the project fits the publication.
Second, I think the The Somerset magazines such as Artful blogging and Somerset Life are a best first shot at getting that first glossy page. The Somerset publications are so blogger friendly and they have so many outlets no matter what your medium. They also have exact submission guidelines in the backFollow them to a “T”. Don’t send an e-mail if it says to send a SASE and vice versa. Even though I haven’t made it in those pages yet, I am hoping one day…
Third.. I can’t say this enough… SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT. If you don’t send something in; you’ll never know if you’ll be rejected or not.
Even if you get a rejection, which I have MANY MANY MANY times, just keep sending stuff in. You never know what they are looking for,or they might remember you for something else.
Fourth, If you think you are on your way, and it gets rejected or bumped, it’s not personal, it’s just the nature business.
It’s disappointing, but it’s not in till it’s in. Don’t tell grandma until you have that hot, little copy in your excited hands.
For traditional submissions you write what’s called a query letter. Most magazines have a spot where it tells you to send them to. You introduce yourself, your project and your expertise. Think of it as like a preliminary job interview. Make sure you have 3 ways for them to contact you listed. Keep it short, sweet, descriptive, and interesting.
If you hear back, then they will want photos. Unless they say low resolution (which is from basically a point and shoot,) you’ll want to send them something 1 MB or bigger (which is basically a DSLR.) I borrowed one from a good friend until I could get my own.
As for compensation,
Some magazines pay. Some send you a free issue, and for some it’s just being in the magazine thats payment enough.

It’s truly in your hands! Just take that chance!!
Good luck!!!
If there is anything else you have a question about, put it in your comments and if I get enough, I’ll do a post answering them.
Happy Mother’s Day!
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  1. Thanks for the tips…I have always wondered how this all works….I will surely swallow my fear and submit submit submit…thanks again

  2. I was so excited to read about you in Country Living Magazine yesterday! Even though I was alone at the time, I said aloud (to myself, of course!), “Hey, I follow her blog!”. Great job!

  3. Here’s a question – with the Somerset pubs, once you submit, do you potentially just hear a big, fat nothing? Or do they write back with a yes or a no?

    Thanks for the post. You’re right – we all wanna know! 🙂

  4. thanks for the guidelines. great tips from the master. i hope you had a wonderful mother’s day. love the photos of your daughter enjoying the sunshine!!

  5. Great post, Jen! Thanks for the information. I’m catching up on your blog – I’ve missed so much and it looks like I’m going to have to run out and get Country Living magazine! Congrats!

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