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Fabulous Fern Chair Reupholstered in Canvas

I had a great single chair that needed a little furniture makeover. I decided to create a fabulous fern chair reupholstered in a canvas.  By using canvas as my seat cover material, it makes it very easy to paint on and create a custom look. It is actually easier to reupholster a chair this way instead of the traditional way, because with this method, you go over the top of everything including the seat cushion.

Chair reupholstered in canvas and painted

 After first painting the frame of the chair in latex paint and letting it dry, I reupholstered the seat in cotton duck. I wanted an aged botanical print look to the seat, so I used acrylic paint and fabric medium to paint the images of ferns on the seat cover.

Seat cover of canvas reupholstered and painted in ferns on top on a chair reupholstered in a canvas

So I went with ferns. I love ferns and how natural and organic they feel. I used sand paper to gently lift a little bit of the paint off of the surface of the fabric. This gave it an aged look that will only look better and better with use. I love when you can actually use something that is pretty too like an artisan piece of furniture. It’s vert similar to when I painted the peacock chair.

Seat cover finished with upholstery nails

And these rustic looking nail heads on this chair reupholstered in a canvas are actually carpet tacks! I was so excited when I found them in the nail aisle, they look so great on the rough upholstery. They really hold the fabric on tight and add to the handmade, bespoke finish of the chair. I want the chair to really be able to be used heavily and hold up to wear and tear long term.

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  1. Wow! You have been busy. All of your projects look great. I found a little table out by someones trash can last Monday. I grabbed it…now I need to get to work. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Hi Jen,
    The title of your post says it all, Fabulous Fern Chair, and I emphasize, FABULOUS! It really is amazing and won;t last a mini second at the Na-da sale. You are so creative and truly super woman to get done all that you do. Have a good weekend. Take care.

  3. you are amazing girl. love the chair. i can’t wait for the sale. i think i better bring the cash.

  4. OMGOODNESS! now I seriously do not know which one I like more…..the peacock or this one –

    man alive…….I cannot wait until Monday to see you!!!!!

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