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Steam cleaning our bathroom faucet

Cleaning is generally not my first pick for fun past-times, that’s why I generally don’t really talk about it here. While I love a really clean house,I would much rather be making things, and hanging out with my people at home, than cleaning our bathroom. However, I recently received a steam cleaner from HomeRight, and decided to try it out, and give our bathroom a cleaning once-over.

I knew our bathroom faucet was kind of gross. People use it day in and day out. I’ve washed my hands covered in paint in there, and we have kids,enough said. It does get cleaned on a weekly basis, but now that cleaning the bathrooms are on the kids chore charts, they probably are not as spotless as they can be. This close up picture of our faucet proves it.

One of the children (who shall not be named) insisted they cleaned it. Just FYI. If you ever go to grab a glass of water at our house, check your glass before you drink out of it too. They also unload the dishwasher.

Close up of a dirty bathroom facuet befiore steam cleaning

I took to cleaning our bathroom faucet with the steam cleaner like a crazy person after I saw how gross it was. I read through all of the steam cleaner directions first to make sure I wouldn’t either  A. Ruin my faucet or countertop  B. Burn myself, then I got to work.

Warning: If you are having breakfast, come back and read this later.

Cleaning facuet with steam cleaner

I started on top, and wiped it down. It didn’t look that bad.Then, I started hitting the lower part of the faucet.

Junk that comes off of faucet with steam cleaning

All of the junk that started coming off totally grossed me out. I can’t make this up. How does all of that crud lurk in there?

It took about 6-7 minutes, and I let the excess water cool a bit and wiped everything up.

cleaning our bathroom facuet with a steam cleaner after

It’s like a brand new faucet! Now, I am totally obsessed with how gross it gets between deep cleanings, and tackle the shower and the kitchen faucet next!

This post was sponsored by HomeRight , opinions are entirely my own.





    1. HI Sunny. We used the HomeRight Steam Machine. It was nice because it has multiple attachments.

  1. OMG, I am still trying to pickup my lip/close my mouth. I am shock, and can’t believe that’s the same faucet. Wow, beautiful! Where did you get such steamer to do such great job cleaning. I need one to.

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