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Five ideas for pumpkins

Happy October! Danielle from Finding Silver pennies and I are teaming up to share five ideas for pumpkins with you each, so that’s a total ten fun ideas for pumpkins!

I thought it would be fun to take some faux pumpkins and paint them in patterns inspired by vintage rugs. I am a bit ga-ga right now for vintage Kilim and woven rugs. I would love to be able to buy a few to scatter around my house. I just love the patterns, the color combinations,and the fact that they are so detailed, and so beautifully handmade.

Kilim inspired hand painted pumpkins

I played with color and pattern on two craft pumpkins. You could do this on real pumpkins, but I have to be honest, it took me so long to paint them, that I would hate to either toss them in the bin November 1st, or have squirrels eat holes in the sides of them.


Hand painted kilim inspired pumpkins

This way I can pull them out year after year, and enjoy them.


Painted killim inspired pumpkin- painted ideas for pumpkins

I used  a paint marker to outline my edges, and  DecoArt paint to fill in the patterns. To keep them outside, they are sealed in a matte varnish. I made one really colorful, and went with a little more of a simple pattern on the other.

Colorful Painted patterns on pumpkins

it was fun to mix and match colors as well.

Gold and gray painted pumpkins

I think I am going to make a few more to add to my collection.

Hand painted boho and kilim inspired pumpkins

I love how they are  unconventional, just like my boho pumpkin topiary from a few years ago.

boho pumpkin topiary

Another fun pumpkin project is casting mini-pumpkins in concrete! If you’ve never casted before,it’s a really fun project.

Casting mini pumpkins in concrete

If you buy faux pumpkins on close-out at the end of the season,

its  easy to change the color of your pumpkins with a chalk style acrylic paint, and make them match your decor, or a little more realistic.

paint your fake pumpkins to look more real

I love using pumpkin in recipes too.

And one of my favorite ways to enjoy real pumpkins is in this delicious Sour cream and roasted pumkpin soup.


Roasted pumpkin soup with sour cream recipe

It’s one of my favorite fall soups!

Stop over at Danielle’s for more fun, fall, and pumpkiny ideas!

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  1. Your pumpkins are very pretty and I like your suggestion for pumpkin soup and sour cream!
    You know, when I was going through chemo, 3 yrs ago, it was all I wanted to eat, and could tolerate.
    I used butternut squash too, True comfort food! Love, and remember to get your mammogram! Linda

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