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Laminate Flooring

It’s so exciting! Hubs has been installing the laminate flooring and I feel like we are finally getting somewhere! Because we have two different kinds of flooring, we wanted something that we could easily install and transition from the living room into the kitchen. Ripping out the ceramic isn’t an option, and we also needed something that could go over both surfaces. I also wanted something that would match the existing hardwood in the bedrooms in our budget.
ceramic tile in a kitchen

It’s A LOT of 1980’s white ceramic tile. I can’t wait to have it all covered up, it’s nice that laminate flooring can go right over the top.
It took us half a day just to clean up all of our work supplies and clear the area. It’s amazing how much junk accumulates in a construction job. Everyone was there to help us clean the floor before we got started. 🙂
Cleaning a floor
 We picked laminate flooring by Mohawk.
The color is Benton Cinnamon Spice and It’s just so warm and homey feeling.
We first made sure the area was clean and clear of debris. The underlayment goes down first and one side has sticky strips that you remove the paper too and stick it down.  Once we found a square corner, and adjusted the flooring to the wall,we started laying and clicking the strips together. We added spacers so the flooring has room to expand and contract. I love how it looks like the old aged oak in the bedrooms. I love the warmth it adds to the room. Putting down laminate flooring over tile
 Hubs did an awesome job, and the kitchen looks amazing. We were able to get the kitchen done in one day .
Mohawk laminate flooring in a living room

Don’t they just look amazing!!!!????!!!!! I am in love with this flooring!

Mohawk laminate flooring benton cinnamon spice
It looks so clean and fresh! I loved our laminate flooring in our home, it was so durable! Make sure you see the rest of the makeover here! And check out the kitchen makeover!


Benton cinnamon spice laminate flooring by Mohawk

I can’t wait to add furniture in the space and make it pretty!


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  1. It’s looking good and coming together so nicely! I also love your gray door…I am almost done painting ours a dark gray/brown called Porpoise by SW. 🙂

    ~Stephanie @loveolympiajune.blogspot.com

  2. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Your floors are going to look amazing!
    I love your newly black painted door. It’s beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing with us,

  3. Jen,
    It is looking so great. The floors really open up that room and make it warmer. I can’t wait to see it all done. Beautiful job. Your hubby is doing a great job on that flooring.

  4. We had very similar laminate flooring in our entire house down here in North Florida. It was great because our floor was extremely uneven, and the floating floor made everything come together and you couldn’t tell at all that there were rooms that had higher floors. Unfortunately, we had a pipe back up and flood the floors. Maybe it was the quality of our laminate, but despite drying the floors in about 20 mins, the laminate was ruined. The laminate started buckling, and within a few days the mold smell took over as water had got underneath it.

    For us, that was the last time we used laminate. We switched to tile and despite having to deal with the dirt attracting grout, it brings us much more peace of mind.

  5. HI! I just wondered how the floors are holding up? I want to put laminate down in our home, but we have about 1500ish sq ft of tile. UGH! They look beautiful! THANKS!!

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