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Sweet Chair-ity..reupholster with burlap

I wanted to share with you the before and after pieces I did for the trunk show. I like to reupholster with burlap. It’s inexpensive and really versatile!
These were great furniture pieces, but needed a little TLC.

table turned bench before reupholstering with burlap

I found this bench at an estate sale for $3…. yup. $3! That’s almost as cheap as a McDonald’s Sweet tea! It had great bones, even though the finish is a little worn and scratched.

table turned bench after reupholetring with burlap

I did an few yards of hand stamped burlap with a key motif ( it’s easy to do, really!) , and used some of it to cover an upholster the top. I also used a few upholstery tacks to create a pattern in the fabric. Why paint it black? I’m in the Midwest, black sells. Plus, I love the contrast of the painted wood against the light natural burlap.

Chair before doing a reupholster with burlap

The chair was a $12 Goodwill find. Loved this shape and style.
After painting it, I covered it again with the fabric and added a little hanging antique key with some hand stamped ribbon.

Chait after stamping on burlpa and a quick reupholster with burlap

That one, I am glad didn’t sell. Do you like to reupholster with burlap? Or do you have another favorite material. This chair ended up so cute! I love stamping on fabric to make my own textiles. it’s so much more personal that way and you can really customize it! Here is a fun tutorial on that!
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