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The Beauty of French Decorating with Tracey Leber

Have I ever told you how darn,stinkin’ talented my peep Tracey Leber of French Larkspur is?
Her home is amazing….  I am so honored to be sharing this e-course with her. Let’s look at some of the beauty of French decorating with Tracey and her home.
 It’s just a feast for the eyes and the soul. You would never find any stray underwear on her floors.
Her house never looks like hoarders with glitter. I swear.


Here is just a peek into what Tracey Leber will be sharing.
Tracey owns the shop French Larkspur and travels to France multiple times a year to fill her shop.
Her home is decorated in mostly white, but instead of feeling cold, it feels very warm and inviting….Just like she is
She is an amazingly talented stylist as well as photographer….
Tracey will talk about:
*Her personal journey with her home and family
*Her design influences
*How she found her own style and how she began incorporating it
*Share favorite recipes and photos of her home
*Have a live, online discussion with members of the course to ask whatever they wish about her style, home, passions.
*Share 10 project videos in different areas that are true to how she incorporates her creativity and passions in everyday living.
A peek into her project videos…
Tracey will show you how to incorporate vintage salvage into your home and also talk about what to focus on when you are starting to put your home together.
She will also show you how to make a muslin wreath that can be accented for any season.
Tracey will show you how to make the most perfect gifts for birthdays or Christmas!
She will show you how to make sugar scrubs and how to package up your gifts with all the little details that Tracey is known for.
She will also show you how to bring together a simple and beautiful table and other simple entertaining elements.
All of Tracey’s projects will be about the details, entertaining, gift giving and making your home beautiful.
I can’t believe the course is only 7 days away!!!!!
Even though the class hasn’t started yet you can connect with the other members of the class because of the new social network!!!!!
The new site is AWESOME! 🙂

 You can still register!!!

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  1. Jennifer, I am so excited for the class to start!!! I can’t wait to make Tracey’s burlap wreath!! And the lamp you decorated….I bought two VERY similar shades at a garage sale recently ($3 each!!!). The ones I bought have fringe but I may cut it off! I’ve been following you on pinterest and I swear I repin over half of your pins!! Thanks for the peeks!! “See” you Tuesday!!!

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