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Organic Summertime Baked Beans

Give me some summertime baked beans. At picnics, the 4th of July,for dinner, even next to the pool, bring them on!
As many if you may know we have a corn sensitivity around here. And of course,corn is in EVERYTHING. Not only is it listed on labels as corn syrup or HFCS,but it can come up as dextrose,modified food starch,corn starch, malodextrin,MSG and a few other products.
 It’s even in one of our favorite foods, baked beans. And
I love me some good,warm,filling baked beans. In college they were a staple, and I could even eat them on baked potatoes or mixed in pasta. EVERY DAY.
In my search for baked beans without any corn products in them,
I found out by combining ready-made ingredients, even though they take a bit longer and more prep time, they can be just as yummy and have none of that other stuff in them. Plus, you can also make sure they are gluten-free this way.
Summer time baked beans recipe with corn-free ingredients

This recipe was  a bit of trial and error and you may want to adjust some thing’s to your own taste. You can even add some extra things like BACON,chopped onion or green peppers. Make it your own! Our baked beans are corn-free because the items I used were corn-free. Obviously you will want to read and check your ingredients very carefully. Ingredients also change over time  in some irems as well so always make sure to check them beforehand for allergens.
Ingredients for baked beans

Here is the basic recipe for Summertime Baked Beans:

3 (15 oz) cans  undrained white kidney(cannellini) beans
11/2 C. BBQ sauce
1 C ketchup
1-2 C water (Add as needed as the liquid evaporates off while simmering)
1/2 cup mustard
2 TBSP onion powder
2 TBSP garlic powder
1/2 to 1 C. brown sugar (Add slowly and adjust to the sweetness of the BBQ sauce and ketchup, you can also substitute maple syrup.)
1 tsp salt
Add pre-cooked BACON to taste- crumbled 🙂
That’s it!
Summertime baked beans with our any corn products
Add everything to a sauce pan and simmer, stirring occasionally. You may need to simmer for up to 45 minutes to an hour depending on how the beans soften to your taste. Simmer until the beans are slightly soft and the liquid is reduced to a thick syrup. No thickeners are needed as the starch in the bean liquid will cause the sauce to thicken.Taste as you go and check the firmness as well. If it needs more tartness, add more mustard, more sweetness, add more sugar, more zing, more BBQ. It will depend on which products you use.
Baked beans recipe
The best thing is you can control everything that goes in and make adjustments for any allergies.
It keeps very well over night as well, so sometimes I will make it the day before so all of the flavors can  blend even more.
Yummy eating!


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  1. Looks like a great recipe! I am really into organic cooking – especially since so many ingredients these days are GMOs. Definitely something to avoid – and almost all corn is grown that way. Thanks for sharing!

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