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painted gray nightstand

After posting about my mini-bedroom makeover a few weeks ago, I kept looking at the pictures and realized that those cream colored nightstands were making me crazy.

Night stand and bedding

  I knew I wanted to go dark with them because the walls are going to be going light.

I found a shade of chalk paint called Charcol I liked by Martha Stewart. For $7 at Micheal’s the price was right. I just sealed it like regular chalk paint.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about it at first,because I wasn’t used to the dark color, but now I LOVE them! Three cheers for a dark gray nightstand!

bedroom gray nightstand

The lighting was a little off, so the pictures came out a little dark, but I can’t tell you how dramatically awesome it looks.

I might still brighten up the brass handles, but for now I am much happier.

I’ve noticed my style leaning towards adding color and drama lately,and I am totally happy with that.

After I took the picture I realized my super ugly,huge alarm clock was still on the nightstand. I wish everything on my nightstand could be pretty, but I need something with numbers I can see at 3 in the morning. Real life,I know right?

So I took the liberty of playing around a bit with the magic of Picmonkey.

edited gray dresser

Here’s what it looks like if I wasn’t blind in the middle of the night. 🙂

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  1. Great choice of color room looks great. How did you seal the paint? I have never used chalk paint I keep ready about it and love the results.

    1. Just with wax. It doesn’t get a ton of high use like a kitchen table so I’m not worried about wear and tear.

  2. What a change, now your bed linen looks gray instead of lavendar (is that what they should be?) and I think the handles look great dark – good job.

  3. I generally like cream and didn’t mind the nightstand’s “before” state. BUT when I saw it in its new color, I gasped! It’s perfect with the bedding and room. Good call!

  4. It’s really pretty. It has a richness that pops against the wall color. Great job.

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