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Throw rug as a couch covering for boho style

Ok, I swear the cheese has not completely slid off the cracker this time. But, I am using a throw rug as a couch covering. Lemme explain.

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I found this awesome 4 x 6 throw rug from Marshall’s for $30 that I was going to use in our bedroom makeover. I’ve been working on that for a few weeks now. I got it home, and it was too small! I could have returned it, but honestly, I was totally in love with it. I swore I would use it somewhere. Well, it pretty much didn’t work in any other room in my house. I wasn’t ready to give in yet!

Using a woven throw rug as a couhc covering is a great way to refresh your furniture

Then, it dawned on me. My couch has been beat to heck,I would love to get a new one, but it’s not in the budget since we are doing our backsplash. I wondered if it would work to add some color, and hide the stains from the stinky feet and messy children. It was woven, so it wasn’t a super thick rug by any means and very flexible.

Use awoven throw rug as a couch covering to add color and texture inexpensively

After I plopped it on there, it fit perfectly, and looked amazing!!! I had one of those pat-myself on the back moments. Considering it’s more like kick myself in the rear most if the time, this was a much welcomed feeling. If you have a 7-foot couch, a 4 x 6 rug works really well. If you can’t find a throw rug, you could also use a throw blanket.

Use a woben throw rug as a sofa covering to brighten up your space on a budget.

So, I styled it up really quickly, grabbing a few pillows from around the house, and snapped a few pictures. Hence, the crooked lamp shade and almost dead (okay, really dead) eucalyptus. Hey. It’s still kind of green-ish, and looks good from far away, right?

Boho couch and mantel with a natural style

I recently swapped out the Easter decor (it’s in the kitchen) and made a kind of boho-natural vignette on my mantel. We recently went to the Field Museum where we have a membership and saw the Specimens exhibit. Loved it! It inspired me to come home and change everything out.

Boho natural mantel with rocks and plants

I wanted it to have that curated feel.

Natural fireplace mantel with boho elements

I have  a deep love of natural science like botany. There’s such a beautiful, art component to it.

Nuture is full of beautiful art and form

I reused a few elements from my gallery wall.

Boho natural fireplace mantel idea for Spring and summer

 and I pulled out a few vintage books,old frames and some of my own crystal specimens.

Using a throw rug as an inexpensive option to give an old couch an instant facelift.

This throw rug as a couch cover hack is a winner! They had a few more, so I might have to go grab them so I can change them out!

You can find the pillows on my couch from Birch Lane:

White boho Elinora pillow covers

And more woven rug options.

And a very similar pillow to my dark blue one here.



  1. Thanks this is genius, I love the rug. I have a few and now I know what I can do. Thanks.

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